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First Time With a Boy

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When I was 14, I had this friend named Jacob. Jacob was a little taller than me, skinny and slightly muscular, and was also 14 years old. I was a little shorter; about 5 and 1/2 feet tall, had blonde hair, and b size breast. We were friends since they moved next to us when we were both four. We would play outside together but we were just friends and had no intentions of being boy and girl friend.

It came along to freshman year, and we were still friends. We were in a P.E., Biology, and a health class together, and we ate lunch together, so we were around each other a lot of times.

I was really taking on interest by boys now and sometimes I would look at Jacob different, with lust. He was beginning to become more appealing to me and I wondered if he had the same feelings of me.

Once when we were at his house doing homework, we got into talking about whatever teens talk about. I was beginning to get horny as we were talking. I wanted to ask him if he masturbated, but I held off because I was nervous. We continued talking, and then he asked me if I masturbated. I did not expect him to ask, but I said yes, kind of excited. Then we began to talk about that and how we started or when we did. I gathered up enough courage to ask him if he would like to do it together.

The moment I said that, his face turned red. He hesitantly said yes, and then we moved to his treehouse so his parents would not 'interrupt' us.

We climbed up the tree house later (which was about 12 or 13 feet off the ground) and entered the tree. We brought towels so we could sit on. We both stripped off our clothes, and sat there to admire each other for a few minutes. When he pulled out his dick it was already hard and ready to go. It was about 5-6 inches when it was hard. He had a lot of pubic hair, some armpit hair, and not really anymore other than on his legs.

So I offered to go first, so I wrapped my hand around his penis and slowly started to move it up and down. He was leaning back with his legs out and his arms supporting him. I continued to do this faster and faster and I noticed that he was breathing faster and beginning to move a bit. Just after a few minutes of this, he shot cum on to his chest and pubic hair area.

I told them that he had to do me now, so we switched positions and I got into the same posture. By this time I was really horny and really wet. He stuck two fingers inside of me and began to move them in and out. This was the first time I was ever touched by another person and it felt amazing. Within a few minutes I was breathing harder and squirming. Then all of a sudden I had an orgasm and it was the best one I have ever felt.

We both cleaned up and put our clothes back on. We continued to do this as we got older, but we never did actual real sex because I never wanted to be pregnant. I am 21 now and we are still friends and may be planning to get married.

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