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First Time Watching Wife

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First of all, I love your site and it has been the cause of many an orgasm for me. I thought it was about time I contributed.

My wife and I owned a few porn movies and we would watch them together for a little inspiration sometimes. When I was alone and feeling a little horny, I would partake on my own. We never talked about masturbation before so I assumed that she never did that. But one day I called her from my work place when I knew she was off for the day. I said hello and she replied but she sounded a little off. I asked if I had made her run for the phone and she said no. I then asked her why she sounded so tired. She still wouldn't answer. So we continued our conversation and at the end I apologised for getting her away from whatever it was she was doing.

Just before we were about to say goodbye, she said you know the sexy movies we watch together, and I said yes. Well, she said, I was watching one when you called. It didn't click in as to what she was actually doing until a few seconds later.

I asked, were you playing with yourself? She finally admitted that yes she was. I immediately sprang to attention if you know what I mean. I shyly asked her if there was any chance that I may watch her do this at some point in the future and she said maybe. She hadn't had an orgasm yet and might be convinced to wait until after I got off work and then we hung up.

Well, needless to say, I had a hard-on the rest of the day. I managed to get to my car without anyone noticing and screamed home.

When I got there, I called out hello and got no answer. I went through the kitchen into the living room and saw that one of our porns was on the TV. My wife wasn't around so I just sat down on the couch and waited. The next thing I know, she comes down from upstairs and sits down beside me on the couch and doesn't say a word. She is totally naked and has her vibrator in her hand. I reached out to touch her nipple and she slaps my hand away and says if you want to watch me, then just watch me.

I sat back and looked at my wife who is a larger woman, not fat, as she looked at the TV screen as two women made love to each other and she started to rub her pubic mound lightly. I couldn't believe this was happening. She rubbed the ball of her finger along her pussy lips and lightly stroked her clit. She had her vibrator at her side and I couldn't wait to see it in action.

We sat side by side not acknowledging each other as my wife made it perfectly clear. After about half an hour of the movie, she started pinching her already hard nipples and circling her clit a little faster with her finger.

I wasn't quite ready to start jerking off in front of her even though I really wanted to so I just sat quietly and watched her as though I wasn't there.

About 15 minutes later, I saw her reach for her vibrator, (which we had bought for a kind of joke a few months earlier) and turn it on.

She rubbed her clit for a little bit more and then started inserting the vibrator into her pussy. She lightly moaned as it penetrated her. She was moving it slowly in and out of herself and still fingering her clit. I couldn't believe she was totally ignoring me but I guess that was the way she wanted to handle it the first time.

I looked at her face and watched her eyes close slightly as I knew the impending orgasm was approaching. She brought her hand from her clit for a few seconds and again pinched her nipple then she quickly dove down again to her clit and starting plunging the vibrator in and out with a little more enthusiasm.

Her breathing picked up and light moans started escaping her mouth. It was just like watching a masturbation movie. She pretended that I wasn't even there.

Her big thighs starting moving back and forth with the rhythm of the pumping vibrator. Her huge breasts were bouncing with the rest of her beautiful body. Her eyes closed and I could tell by the sound of her moans that it was close.

The vibrator was picking up speed and so was her breathing. She started to moan as only I knew she would during her orgasm. She proceeded to have not only the longest, but it seemed like the best orgasm I have ever seen her have. It lasted forever. When she was done, she looked over at me and asked me if it was worth it. I smiled and said it was the best experience of my life.

She asked me to return the favor, which I did, but I won't bore you with the details because it only took about 30 seconds to accomplish that feat.



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