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First Time Watching My Wife

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I just came across this site a few days ago. I appreciate the honest and open discussion about masturbation. So many of the stories relate to my own life and experiences. I've been masturbating since I was 11. I'm now 39 and married. I still enjoy masturbating and it's a favorite part of my wife's and my lovemaking.
I grew up in a very conservative Christian household and masturbation was considered wrong. At a very young age I would get an erection without even thinking about it. This was very embarrassing for me, because my mother would yell at me and accuse me of playing with myself. I wanted my erection to go away but the more I thought about it the longer it lasted.
I feel that because sex was such a taboo subject in my home I became more aware of it. I was very aware of my own sexuality and I was curious of what I might be missing.
I remember the first time I decided to 'jack off', as the school kids referred to it. My father had just finished an addition to our home and I now had my own bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, wrapped my hand around my penis and started to pump up and down. I did this for at least a half an hour. My arms would get tired and I would switch hands periodically. Finally I started to feel an intense sensation and suddenly a short stream of liquid shot and landed on the carpet. It wasn't thick and white like semen. I thought I just peed on the floor. I was shocked and scared and quickly jumped under the covers and tried to get to sleep.
I waited a few days until I tried it again. This time I was in the bath. Again I just pumped by cock with my hand very mechanically. It took me a long time to finally come. I was worried about being discovered because I was in the bath for so long. When I came it was a much more intense and pleasurable feeling than the first time and this time a few drops of semen rolled out of the tip of my penis.
Following that night I was hooked. I masturbated daily. I also wasn't getting in trouble for walking around with a hard on. However, I had to be careful about not getting caught masturbating and I never did. One thing my mother had told me when I was this age was that I might start having nocturnal emissions and some nights I may wake up with a wet spot in my shorts. So I used this bit of knowledge to my advantage. I would typically masturbate when I went to bed. I would reach into my shorts and stroke off until I came. I was also getting much better at it; I could bring myself to orgasm in just minutes if I wanted to. When I came, I would let my cum shoot inside of my briefs. I would then go to sleep with wet and sticky underwear that would glue itself to my cock and balls by morning. It was a bit to get use to but I learned to enjoy the sensation. My mother did note that my underwear was always cum stained, but she just attributed it to me obviously hitting puberty and having a lot of wet dreams.
My wife also had a very conservative Christian upbringing. She never masturbated until after our marriage. When we married we were both virgins too. While we were dating we did a lot of kissing and fondling, but we somehow managed to wait until after marriage to have intercourse. A big help for me was masturbation. Masturbation removed the sexual tension I had and helped me abstain.
As a Christian adult and parent I have a different viewpoint about masturbation than my parents and a lot of other practicing Christians. This could be a whole other submission, but in overview I want to just say the following. I meet my wife in seminary. From my education in theology I find no clear instruction against masturbation. I also personally feel that it can be a tool to help one abstain until marriage and it can be a wonderful addition to ones married sex life.
When we were first married, in spite of all of our sexual tension, it was some time until Catherine had her first orgasm. It was about four months until she had her first. During that time we did a lot of things. We had sex daily, and on weekends sometimes none stop. Boy, I miss those days. We tried a lot of different techniques. Her favorite was for me to lie between her legs and lick and suck on her clitoris. But what typically would happen is that she would just get over stimulated and she would just need me to stop. As she's explained it to me now, 'It felt like what I feel like now after an orgasm (super sensitive) without ever having an orgasm.'
What made the difference was a book she purchased on female orgasm. As part of the program, it suggested a self-examination and to practice masturbation. Initially the idea of masturbating disgusted her, but she went along with it and almost immediately had her first orgasm. In hindsight she realizes she wasn't relaxing. As an orgasm came close she was tensing up hoping to push herself over the edge but instead she just pushed off the orgasm. Masturbation helped her to respond to what she was feeling.
I found the idea that she was masturbating exciting. I would have loved to watch, but that would have destroyed the effect at the time. Today I watch her masturbating regularly. One of my favorite times was on her thirtieth birthday. As one of her gifts I got her a flexible, soft, bright pink five-inch vibrator. She had a bigger one that was hard plastic, which she just didn't like. After all the guests were gone I gave it to her. She loved it. She immediately turned it on. She let out a little squeal as it came to life, and then moved it down to her pussy. She pulled up on her skirt and pressed it into the fabric of her panties. 'Oh it feels good.' 'Would you like me to try it out?' Well, you can guess what my answer was.
We undressed and sat back down on the couch. Catherine turned towards me and swung a leg around behind me and then laid back with her head on the armrest. She reached down and pulled open her pussy with her hand, spreading her lips apart so I could her hole and her erect clit above it. She then reached down with the vibrator and ran it along the sides of her pussy avoiding her clit. I immediately got hard watching her. I asked if I could play with myself while I watched her. She said yes. I turned towards her and rested back in the couch. I slid closer to her until by balls were touching her butt and I could periodically feel a vibration in my balls from the vibrator. I started to stoke my penis while caressing her leg that was swung over mine. We intently watched each other for a while. I enjoyed periodically looking at her eyes and seeing them fixed on my fist pounding my cock. She then closed her eyes and started to press the vibe into the opening of her hole and against her clit at the same time. Her head tilted back and her hips rose and fell in slow rolling motions as she came. She pressed her buttocks into me and the feeling and sight sent me over the edge. I announced I was coming and she quickly opened her eyes to watch my cock shoot. The cum flew straight up in the air and landed back down on my thigh and stomach.
That little pink vibrator became a favorite. She even bought three more of them to give as gifts. She gave one to her younger sister, and the other two to friends.
I hope you enjoy our story. I plan to post more about my wife's and my masturbation sessions soon.



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