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First Time Watching My Friend

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I have never been with a male since and I'm not gay, but the most sensual experience I ever had was the first time I watched my friend masturbate.

It was the most exciting thing I ever did for two reasons, first was the fact that Ken was not only my best and closest friend growing up, but I was very curious sexually at the time and, looking back, I was most curious about him; he was a year older than me and much taller. I was a scrawny little kid while he was tall and slender.

Second was the fact that, when this happened, I was thirteen and knew absolutely nothing about the 'facts of life'. I didn't know that anything besides pee ever came out of a penis, or even what masturbation was. I was a very curious but totally naive young man.

My curiosity and ease at being with my friend however, made me the 'aggressor' so to speak; it was I and not him who would always want to talk about sex; about girls bodies and seeing my sisters 'tits'. And it was always Ken I was the most curious about; I was always trying to get a look at his penis. When we would be outside and have to go pee, I'd always stand so I could see his, and remember being totally amazed at how much bigger his was than mine!

I'd comment about his bigger dick, but he'd get embarrassed and try to hide it from me.

I also remember getting 'feelings' I had never felt before when we would talk about sex and especially when I would suddenly have that chance to see what was usually just the tip of his soft but much larger dick! I would usually get a 'boner' in my pants when we talked 'dirty'; I remember how good it felt and the new 'excitement' within.

The totally unexpected but most sensual occurance of my life happened one hot summer day, when we were in one of our favorite places to play; the small attic above the garage of my grandfather's house.

The attic had a bare wooden floor where the roof joists came together; the joists angled in leaving just a couple of feet of flat space between them.

The main reason we'd go up there was because we had discovered some time back, that there was a storage box there that contained a years worth of Playboy Magazines! My grandfather had been given the subscription as a gag Christmas gift by someone, and they were long forgotten and collecting dust up in that attic.

To two teenagers however, they were the find of all time!

On this particular day, Ken and I were looking for 'something to do', when I suggested we visit our favorite stash of girlie mags (which we had not done for some time). We climbed up the ladder, opened the attic door and pulled the chain on the single bare lightbulb, just above our heads. The attic was too low for even us to stand up in, so we sat cross legged across from each other as I pulled out those wonderful magazines!

The imgages within seemed more seductive than ever that day and I soon felt my small penis expanding in my jeans. I commented to Ken that I was 'getting a boner', and could see that he too was 'adjusting' himself between the legs. 'Do you have one too?' I asked. Ken just nodded his head, not taking his eyes off the well lit centerfold between us.

After just a couple of more minutes of studying the big breasted and carefully airbrushed beauties, Ken, (now slowly massaging the bulge between his legs) apparently couldn't resist taking the next step. He looked up and said something I'll never forget; 'Mine wants to feel really good; do you mind if I play with it?' I had no clue what he was really talking about, but was more than anxious to find out and turned on beyond anything I'd ever been at the thought of whatever it was he had in mind! I naively said, 'What do you want to do?'

'I'll show you; it feels really good'. Ken then proceeded to unzip his pants and pulled out his naked and fully erect penis! His dick was huge and sticking straight up! I couldn't believe my eyes and began giggling with delight! 'I's so big!' was all I could say. He replied, 'Yours will get big too'.

For a few marvellous minutes he just sat there, looking down at it and fondling himself as if he was proud to show it to me (and rightfully so!).

I know now that we were both circumcized as I studied the the most amazing and longest thing I'd ever seen! His dick was very pink and I could see the divide on the underside of his big and even pinker knob. He had pubic hair where I had 'fuzz', and I could see the split where his pee hole was!

He then scooted up on his knees and slid back against the joist behind him; it's angle fitting perfectly under his crotch and applying pressure to what I know now was his prostate; it made his dick all the redder!

He began to masturbate; 'This makes it feel good!', he said, looking down at his work.

I was so turned on at seeing him that I forgot about my own boner and just sat there cross legged on the other side of the centerfold that he now pulled over and directly under what he was doing. I scooted up closer!

Looking back, Ken was obviously very turned on too; his breathing became 'shaky', his hand moved up and down faster and he was rocking his crotch against the joist.

After just a few more strokes and while still looking down at himself and the picture below, he said in a shaking voice, 'It's gonna squirt!'

I had no idea what he was talking about, but got an instant education! A spray of milky little drops suddenly flew from his dick, going completely over the magazine and onto my pants! They just kept squirting out! His cum flew in every direction; onto the floor beside us and sprinkling all over that beautuiful centerfold!

After what seemed at the time like an endless eruption, the little drops finally turned to a gooey string that oozed from his red and still being squeezed tip; making a creamy little puddle on the joist between his legs.

After that day, I became somewhat obsessed with seeing Ken make himself ejaculate. And, although he usually seemed embarrassed to talk about it and reluctant to give me a repeat performance, there were a few more occasions when he must have felt the need to 'relieve himself' bad enough that he gave into my persistent requests. Those few occasions, when he again made himself cum in front of me, were equally as exciting but not as big a surprise as that first time!

After knowing what to expect, I would have him again ejaculate onto the pages of our favorite Playboys, or, as he did on one occasion, spray his warm load into my waiting hands.

I don't know what became of Ken; we grew up and went our separate ways. But these many years later, my most sensual fantasy is always of seeing his big, hard dick and him ejaculating that first time!



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