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First Time Watching

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Talking on line led to dropping by her work . . .and opened an amazing door in my life. True story


I thought that I would finally write down the story of how I became so enamored with watching a woman pleasure herself. A long time ago, I had been talking with a lady on-line. We had become friends and talked about all kinds of stuff, she had even told me about her new nipple piercing.

One day, on the way home from work, I decided to stop into the video store where she told me she worked. We chatted a bit, and I asked her about her new piercing. Much to my surprise, she just pulled her top to the side and showed me. She said that it was still sore though, but the other, older one, wasn't, and after carefully recovering herself, she pulled her other breast out. She proceeded to show me how her nipple got hard when she pulled and twisted on it. Too soon, she put her breast away and we continued talking until a customer came in to the store.

While she took care of the customer, I looked at the adult videos on the shelves. After the customer left, I picked up one box and showed it to her. I mentioned that the few woman I had been with, when ever they shaved their pubes, never looked as smooth and soft and soft as the picture on the box. She gave me a puzzled look and asked me what I was talking about. She said hers was as smooth as a baby's bottom. I smiled and asked "you mean you're shaved too?" She said yes and lifted her skirt to prove it. To my delight, she wasn't wearing any panties. I simply stood there for a moment with my mouth open as she showed me her perfectly smooth clean pussy. She even rubbed her fingers over it a few times to prove her point. At one point I watched as her finger disappeared between the silky soft folds of her lips. This was all new to me. My heart was racing and I could feel my pulse pounding. I had never seen anything like that before. To say that I was instantly hard and throbbing in my pants was an understatement.

Again, too soon, she let her skirt fall back into place. "HEY", I said with a smile on my face, "I was watching that!" She just smiled back and said "Oh yeah?". I told her that if she let me watch that, I would let her watch something too while I patted the front of my obviously bulging pants. She smiled and sat back on the stool behind the counter and lifted her skirt for me again as I unzipped my pants. I was so entranced watching her fingers, that even though my hands were wrapped around my thick throbbing cock, I forgot to pull it out for her to see right away. Regaining my manners, I pulled my rock hard shaft out of it's confinement and was excited when she gasped when she saw how thick and hard I was from watching her.

After a couple of minutes of slowly stroking my throbbing cock for her, I couldn't stand it, I reached up on the counter and grabbed one of the small bottles of lube for my stroking. While I did this, she went to the side of the counter and sat back in a recliner that was there, and continued pleasuring herself while I stood at her her feet. While I stood at her feet I put a little of the lube in my hand and spread it along my hardness so my hand could slide up and down much better. While she continued to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her hard clit, she pull her shirt down a bit and played with her big tits and toyed with her nipples. At one point she even sucked on her own nipples. I was in heaven and I was giving her the show she wanted too. I would slide my hand all the up on my cock, then give it a slight squeeze and a twist. The would cause a big drop of precum to form on the swollen head, which she loved to see. Then I would run my hand over the sensitive head, picking up the precum and rubbing it back into my shaft to add to the lubrication. Occasionally I would leave my stroking only to play with my balls for her. They were becoming so filled with cum.

After I watched her cum twice, I couldn't hold back anymore. I told her I was going to cum and her eyes just widen with lust. I swear, I wish I had a video of it, it was the perfect orgasm cum shot. I came so hard, that the first stream landed all the way up on her tit as she laid back in the recliner. The second and third streams of warm cum landed right on her pussy while her fingers were rubbing her clit. This hit her like an electric shock and her back arched and her fingers turned to a blur as she rubbed her wetness so fast, that she actually cause my cum to froth up on her pussy as she made herself cum yet another time for me as the last of my cum was dripping off my spent cock. I almost fell over and passed out from the intensity, and I was hooked.

Several years later, I developed a special friendship with another lady. We would get together every once in a while just to watch each other masturbate. The first time I went over to her house, I walked over to the side and peeked into the basement window. She was sitting at the computer desk next to the window with her legs up on the desk and spread wide with her fingers deep inside her pussy. I smiled and became rock hard as my pulse started pounding in my chest with anticipation. She would lay back on the bed and play with her pussy with her fingers, or with a toy and I would stand beside her and she would watch me as I slowly stroked my hard fat 7 1/2" cock for her pleasure. Sometimes, I would even help her with her toys, but we mainly watched each other. After she would cum a couple times watching my hand slide up and down on my hard rod for her, I would cum with her the next time she came. She loved to watch my big load of thick creamy cum shoot out of my cock while she came. Sometimes, she would ask me to cum on her. I would be more then happy to oblige by shooting my cum all over her thighs, sometimes on her breast, and occasionally, on her face.

That is all we ever did. It was safe, simple, clean and terribly erotic and fun. Sadly, she moved away and even though I have looked, I have never found a woman who enjoyed that kind of thing since. Most are too shy or inhibited. I really wish I could find another "special friend" like that.



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