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First Time Showing To a Girl

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Just the idea of letting a girl see my dick for the first time was almost overwhelming.


I was 13 or 14 when this happened. Off from school for the summer and home alone. This girl from my neighborhood came over to talk and play one morning. We ended up sitting together on this rock wall by my house.

Her name was Gloia and she was Hispanic and about the same age I was. She had been talking to some older girls about sex and boys, etc. I came to find out later. So at the time she was with the subject of there talks she'd had with the older girls; a boy, so she began to take advantage of it. She started asking me questions.

She was all embarrassed looking as she talked and kept giggling. She asked 'do you jerk off'? I know I had to be a bit red in the face as I tried to answer her. I'd never even talked to a boy about things like this before much less a girl. I told her 'sometimes'. She asked 'does it really get real big and hard'? I shyly told her 'yes'. Then she hit me with the big question. 'Will you let me see it'?

I was getting all excited about this but didn't know if I should say yes or say no. The more excited I got the more I wanted to let her see it. She kept up and said 'please. Let me see it'. This was like a dream. Just the idea of showing my 'privates' to a girl. I knew it would be thrilling to me. I finally said 'Ok'. She got up standing looking at me. She said 'well'. I got up and went into this big garage we had with these two big wooden sliding doors. I went behind the closed door and turned around. No one could see us there.

I was so excited and aroused by this and of course had a big hard on. She stood in front of me looking at me with a smile on her face looking down at my crotch just waiting to see it. I felt so naughty and so excited. I then slowly reached for the top of my shorts and I asked her 'you really want to see it'? She said 'yes'. I slowly pulled my shorts down and then there it was. I was showing my dick to a girl for the first time in my life and was I ever thrilled as she looked at it with her mouth open. She moved closer and bent over for a better look. I remember it was throbbing from my heart beat.

Then Gloia added more to the excitment by asking 'can I touch it'? I answered 'if you want to'. She reached over putting her finger tips on it. Her touching it almost sent me off. I was so aroused and needing to get off. So, I asked her 'do you want me to jerk off'? She said 'Yes'! So, I wrapped my hand around it and hardly moved my hand when I went off. I was so thrilled about this. The cum almost hit her and it shot out like never before. Gloia was giggling when she watched this. She then asked me 'is that the cum stuff'? I told her 'yes'.

The rest of that summer we often got together with each other in that garage and did we ever learn about each other's bodies. We'd play with each others and I came very close to sticking it into her several times. The urge was sure there. But, we were old enough to know how babies were made and she was having periods (I got to see this) which means she sure was capable of getting pregnant and I was certainly producing sperm. But, we sure learned a lot from each other and sure had fun with our hands and fingers.



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