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First Time: Shower Shooting

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Around high school age


I was raised in a Christian household, so sex was pretty much a no-no. Our school taught us sex Ed and that was it. I never really had any serious girlfriends because I spent all my time working on school work and that sorta thing. I didn't masturbate much if at all, but I did know what I liked and didn't like. Anyway, on to the story.

Because I never masturbated (I did know what it was) I started getting frequent wet dreams at night. I'd wake up with boxers covered in semen and smelling of sex. But I hid it from my family, washed my clothes, and my family never knew the wiser. Well one summer our family decided to take a really long vacation, staying in hotels for weeks. I was glad when I had a wet dream right before the trip so I thought I'd be dry for a while (I was taught that masturbating was 'sinful' so I avoided it.)

Our trip came and the first week went fine, no night time cum-cannons on hotel beds. Then came our first night at hotel number two. We spent the day at a beach, and man did those girls in bikinis (some topless!) get me horny. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was gonna have a wet dream that night. I grew worried, wondering what my parents would do seeing boxers in cum! I started to think about masturbating, but my catholic mind said NO!! But my catholic mind also said that I could pray for forgiveness. I opted to masturbate at the hotel.

So I shared a room with my brother, whom I never grew close to, and said I needed to take a nice long shower. The bathroom was as hotel-ish as it could get. A tub, curtain, mirror, dim lighting, and towels. So I stripped out of my bathing shorts and t-shirt and let the water run to warm up. I stood outside the tub first, thinking of those topless girls from the beach, and my penis slowly came to life. I wasn't sure how to handle it, so I first felt around, and eventually realized the pleasure from stroking it. I started to feel shocks of pleasure but I stopped to hop in the shower, and I second guessed this whole masturbating thing, but my mind was set.

The water ran warmly and I rinsed my hair and body. I paid extra attention to my dick and started rubbing it. That pleasure I just had returned again, and it felt like my penis was slowly filling up. After two to three minutes of pumping, by legs felt weak with pleasure and I laid down in the tub. I kept at it, knowing something was bound to happen. My penis head swelled up, big and purple, and I felt like I had to pee. I thought about going to the toilet but, TOO LATE! I peed! No wait, that stuff is white! I'm cumming! Contraction, cum, contraction, cum, contraction, cum! This happened for a good 15 seconds, and it shot a good one to two feet high, me still rubbing all of it out. It splashed around me and I stopped up, shocked and horrified at the pleasure that overtook me. It was my first, shot, drenched, and loved. I rinsed it all away and said a forgiveness prayer. It wasn't for lust or love, it was to stay dry and that was it. And I did stay dry. For the entire vacation. I felt guilty though, and went to church to clear me of this 'sin' and I have never done it since. Cause girlfriends are better...



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