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First Time Show

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I have to begin by saying I love this site and read the contributions every day while I pleasure myself. Thanks for sharing, I guess it is time for me to finally contribute.

This took place when I was 22 and had been married for a short while. My wife and I had moved away from our home state so I could attend technical school. We lived in a small furnished appartment.

One weekend afternoon completly out of the blue, my shy, rather introverted bride says to me 'I know you play with it and I want to know why?' 'I have seen you in the shower, tell me why?' I was somewhat shocked of course but not really ashamed. Yes, I admitted quickly and somewhat matter of factly, I do play with myself, not knowing if she really knew or was just testing me. At first she seemed somewhat angry and hurt. 'I knew it, or at least I thought so' , which told me she had just been fishing for information. I shifted in my seat a bit as I began to feel a rise in my shorts. 'Why do you do it, am I not good enough?' I figured it was going to go there, and if I wanted it to go anywhere else, and I knew I did, I would have to dispel this quickly. 'Oh no, it has nothing to do with you at all,' I assured her. I love making love with you and that is great. 'Why then, why do you have to do it? Why do you have to play with yourself?' I started to sense a curiosity which I think was there all along start to come out in her questions, as her voice changed from one of anger to one of interest.

'I do it because it feels great and I love to do it to myself' I said, hoping she would notice the rising buldge in my pants and my eagerness to explore this further with her. 'I have done it since I was about eight years old' I continued, 'and it is a lot of fun.' 'Do all guys do it?' she asked. I used that old line about all guys do, and the ones that don't, are just lying as my answer.

Now she was starting to get into it, 'I want to see what you do, show me!' she all but now demanded. 'Pull it out now and do it, I wanna see what all the fuss is'. I had waited to hear those words most of my life I think, since I was about eleven and would go outside my folks house and stand under the window of the girl's next door and drop my pants and expose myself and stroke my little penis in the dark wishing they would look out and see me. I had always wanted to be watched.

Ok, I said, only semming to protest a bit. I had my clothes off almost instantly, and my shaft bounced out of my briefs with a thud against my belly. 'Oh, she said, you look like you want to do this?' Yes in a whisper was about all I could manage. 'Well hurry up, lets see you do it, I wanna see everything you do to yourself'. suddenly she seemed as into it as I was. I knew I would not last very long with her now eager eyes on my hard dick, so I just lightly rubbed my shaft and my head a bit, pre cum already leaking from my pee slit. 'Oh, you really do like that don't you? How does it feel? Do you touch your balls too?' she asked in rapid fire succesion. Once again, yes was about all that I could get out in my extreme excieted state. Now she grew somewhat impatient with my light rubbing and touching and demanded more. 'Come on, I want to see you go at it like you like to do, grab it and show me how you get do it, get it, GET HIM!, make him shoot, I wanna see you make him shoot!'

That was all I needed, I had never been this turned on in my life. Not masturbating, even though I loved it, and not during sex, which of course was awesome. No, this was something deeper, more fulfilling somehow. Having someone watch me do something so private and to many so naughty really got me going. It was and maybe still is the best moment I have had. I knew at that moment I loved being watched, putting on a show! I grabbed my dick and full fisted it with all I had. It only took three or four full strokes at that point to drive me completly over the edge shooting more ribbons of hot cum high into the air, and back down all over myself. It was the most cum I had ever created. I was shaking it felt so great, and despite that I never removed my eyes from hers and she only glanced at mine as she remained transfixxed on my hands and cock. 'Yeah, yeah, get it, make it shoot', she said several times as I milked the last of my orgasm out of myself. 'Did you like that? did it feel good?' 'Yes,' I said, 'did you,' I asked, hoping for a positive response. 'Yes, and you can do it now but I want to watch you.'

This started us on a journey into lots of adventures, and educated me about my favorite sexual pleasure, masturbating while being watched! We have been apart for about ten years now due to other reasons but I sure miss 'showtime' as she called it.

I have other stories to share, let me know if you would like to hear them. Thanks and keep up the great work on this site. Happy jacking and jilling!



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