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First Time Seeing Mom and Daughter

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Just a memory from younger days


It was finally summer time. A much needed break from school had begun. Sitting by neighbors pool was a favorite pastime. Every once in a while, the neighbors friends would drop by for a cook out and a swim.

One Friday, there were a lot of folks all around the pool. A doctor my mom worked for and his wife was there. Several older women and kids were there and a few other families.

After a few hours, most people excused themselves and left. Out of the few that stayed behind was a older woman with very long dark black hair and her daughter. I could hardly take my eyes off the daughter. She was wearing a jet black bikini, cute in the face and had that same dark black hair as her mom.

It may have been a good thing I was paying so much attention to the daughter because, she dove off the diving board and I could tell something was wrong with her! She was not able to swim to the ladder on the side of the pool and looked to be drowning!

I jumped out of the chair I had been sitting and and dove in the pool. Once I reached the girl I pushed her up above the water and helped her to the ladder. The girls mom then must have noticed what was going on because she came running to help the girl up the ladder also.

Somehow when I was pushing the girls bottom and trying to get her on the steps to the ladder, her bikini bottom had gotten tangled around my hand and was removed. I swear I did not do it on purpose. I saw a beautiful nude ass just inches from my face! While she was being helped up the ladder, her legs opened wide! Right in my face was a dark black hairy vagina!!! Years of masturbation material was then etched forever into my memory.

After the drama was gone, I overheard someone saying the girl had previously injured her arm and now it happened again. She was going to be ok.

I had retired myself to a corner of the pool where it was quiet and was relaxing when the mom came over and gave me a big hug. She hugged me so tight and pushed those big mommy breasts into my chest I almost had trouble breathing. She was telling me thanks for helping her daughter. Her daughter told her she would have drowned if not for someone helping her. I'm going to get changed and we are going home in a little while, thanks very much again dear.

While watching this older woman walk to the bathhouse, I noticed how sexy her ass looked! Her butt cheeks would shake almost suggestively in her bikini bottom.

What more could a poor boy do? I'll tell you what this one did. I followed the woman to the change room. Everyone else was inside or had gone. I went into the opposite side of the change house, where the pump was and all the chlorine. Once inside, looked where I wanted to go, turned the light off. Unscrewed a clothes hook about waste level and looked right into the other room.

The timing could not have been more perfect. When I looked through the little hole, the dark haired lady was removing her bikini top. She had very large nipples with dark looking circle things in the middle of her breast! Almost as fast as she had removed her top, the bottoms were removed! There for the second time in one day, I could see a real pussy!!! She kinda rubbed herself and what looked almost like the tip of my penis poked out of all that dark black hair!

There was some noise by the pool so I screwed the hook back in place. Went back to the chair I had been sitting in earlier. The older lady came out of the change room and thanked me again before leaving.

I was leaving through the back gate to go home with a very erect cock. Lucky for me, my parents were away on a camping trip because I had to get off soon. I made it to the back porch, slipped off my swim trunks. It only took a few pulls on my cock and cum shot out! Not just a little! A big stream maybe a foot long gushed out of my cock, then another, followed by a convulsion of pleasure in my cock that caused me to sit down! I never let go of my cock! The tip of my cock seemed to spasm and spew yet another long stream of white hot lava! A very fast pumping remarkable feeling was going on! It seemed as every part of my body was attached to the tip of my cock and was feeling the good feeling of a orgasm!

The next thing I remember was waking up.



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