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First Time Seeing a Penis

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I was 19 before I saw an adult penis.


I love this website, especially the stories about mutual masturbation between boyfriends and their girlfriends. I started masturbating when I was 13, just after I had my first period. I was in Grade Eight. I wasn't popular, and never had a date all through high school.

When I was 19 I started at the local university. I met a boy in a biology class who liked me and I him. Soon we were having lunch together everyday. Then he asked me to go see a theatrical production with him. His kiss was my first! We went to movies, and studied together.

After a few weeks he asked me to come visit him in his room on Sunday afternoon; back in the 60s that was the only time women were allowed into the male residences. I made up an excuse to my parents about going to the library to study.

As I approached his college residence I found I was shaking and very excited. He kissed me at the door and then closed it. I sat down in a chair by his desk and he sat on the bed. We talked a bit and then he beckoned me towards him. I sat beside him on the bed and we kissed some more. I knew that I wanted to have sex with him, but I had not thought it through.

I asked him if we could get into bed. He stood up and undressed very quickly. I turned away, took off all my clothes except my underpants. I covered my breasts with one arm and turned around to turn down the cover on his single bed.

I remember seeing his penis and thinking how odd it looked, I had never seen an adult one before. It was much longer than my younger brother's (whom I helped bathe).

We lay face-to-face in the bed, under the covers and necked for awhile. He was holding my breasts; I could feel that my nipples were erect and very hard under his touch. I realized that I was furtively massaging myself between my legs.

He tried to roll on top of me. The covers moved away and I saw his penis was now much larger and fully erect. I was rubbing myself with two fingers on the outside of my underpants and stopped so that he wouldn't see me doing it. I grasped his penis, my thumb and index finger barely encircled it. I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing with it. His hand went between my legs and his finger went under the elastic of my panties and up into my very wet vagina. I came right away when he touched me.

He sort of sat up on the bed and pulled my panties off. Then he put my hand back on his penis and moved it up and down while he inserted two fingers into my vagina. I was still really aroused even though I had just cum. I was pulling his shaft up and down and his fingers were pumping in me. He asked me if I had brought a condom and I said no.

Then he was trying to get on top of me and I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I moved my knees farther apart and I kept pulling him and then he groaned and cummed without getting in me. He shot several spurts of thick white semen all over my breasts, chest, belly and my thighs. Seeing this I climaxed again.

I had never seen a man ejaculate before and it was really all quite exciting for me. He was quite embarrassed, while I was fascinated by the texture, as I rubbed my fingers in the cum on my breasts. He got up and picked up his underwear off the floor, but I beckoned him back to lay beside me. I told him everything was okay and we would do it again another time.

I was still really aroused and I wanted to be satisfied again. He wasn't really soft yet, I could see my juices glistening on his shaft and a long drip of cum was hanging from his tip. I had read that men could 'do it' twice if they waited a while. I didn't know how long that was, but I grasped his cock and began to stroke him again very slowly.

After a few minutes he was really hard again and he shoved his fingers back up my pussy. By this time I was starting to get right randy again, certainly not like my earlier prudish days. Suddenly I came again, while this time my hand guided his ramming his fingers into me. I kept pulling him but this time he wasn't trying to mount me so I thought he could wait longer.

I was thinking wrong, as suddenly he went sort of stiff and put his hand on mine. He made my hand go really fast, just flying up and down his shaft. Well, he gasped and shot again, but there was not so much cum this time and it landed all in my pubic hair. He didn't rush to get up this time, as he wasn't embarrassed and he just lay there, dozing off for a while. I looked at the clock and realized I had to get home to Sunday dinner with the family. I now think that if we had had the time he would have somehow made love to me.

I sat at dinner with my parents, my brother and my aunt that evening. I felt quite guilty and I thought that somehow my mother just knew what I had been doing. I never told her exactly what had happened, but after I was pregnant with my first son 10 years later, I did tell her about my guilt and that I had lost my virginity during that school year. But intercourse is another story.



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