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First Time Mutual

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This is a TRUE story.


Like so many contributors to this site, I have been a long time fan of Solo Touch. I have often come to the site after watching porn and find that the stories sometimes fuel my bate more than the vids that I'm watching!

I have to say that I am always more drawn to the real-life stories on here, rather than the fictional accounts, as imagining these things really happening is really hot for me! I also tend to like the stories of male-male interactions that took place in adulthood, rather than childhood experimentation.

So, this is my first contribution, it's a real story, and it's about my first mutual jack off experience with other guys.

I was staying with friends during the summer (poor student) when I was 24, and things were cool. We'd walk around in our underwear while getting coffee, or getting ready in the morning...and since we were all friends, it wasn't a big deal. I'm not a shy person anyway (I change naked at the gym), so again, no big deal.

Well, one night we had been drinking and I was horny, as my girlfriend was living out of town at the moment, so that night I took matters into my own hands. Things were going great, as I was lying naked on top of the covers and going to town on my hard dick when one of my roommates walks into my room to say good night! I stopped jerking and covered up, but he obviously saw what I was doing.

This was the first time another guy had ever 'caught' me jerking off (I had been caught by girlfriends before), so I just froze. He actually kind of giggled, and said it looked like I was having fun. I thought he'd leave but instead he walked over to the bed, sort of patted my hard dick through the covers and said good night and to 'have fun.'

His actions got me thinking: hmmm, has he masturbated with other guys before? Has he done this with our other roommate (they were long-time roommates, I was just there for the summer).

Well, the answer came a few weeks later. We had all been out clubbing (all of us were in our mid to late 20s) and we came back empty handed (i.e., no hookups). I wasn't looking to hookup, as I had a gf, but I think my friends got horny while we were out dancing and drinking.

I started to get ready for bed, so I stripped down to my briefs and brushed my teeth, etc. We all got to talking though and all of sudden one of the roommates suggests that we all have a circle jerk on his bed in his room! I was stunned, and totally nervous cause I thought they were asking for gay sex...or that participating would make me gay, lol.

They assured me they did this before and that it was a fun time. So, there I was, on a bed with two other dudes. We quickly got naked and started to inspect each other's dicks. I was clearly the smallest, at just over 5 inches. The one roommate was thicker and longer than me...but the third had an amazing uncut dick! It was easily between 8.5-9 inches long, and I'm not exaggerating to make this story better!

Up until this point, I actually thought my dick was average, so imagine my shock. I was definitely in awe and was instantly boned. We started to stroke ourselves, lying side by side on the bed, and then one of my friends grabbed lubed. The guy with the 'medium' dick asked if he could jerk me off and I nervously shook my head 'yes.' He reached over and I almost died. It felt incredible to have another guy's hand on my dick. It was slightly taboo for me, but it felt great, cause he knew what he was doing (unlike some of my past girlfriends!)

This prompted my other friend (with the huge dick) to start stroking our friend...and we all eventually took turns stroking each other. It was incredible also to feel their hard cocks in my hand...how warm, and hard, and firm they felt.

We kept this up for about 30-45 minutes and one of my friends asked if we were ready to shoot. We all agreed, and he suggested we cum on his body! OMG, I almost died, but the idea was hot so I went first, spraying his chest and stomach with a very intense orgasm. He was next, and while his orgasm was good (and fun to watch) he just sort of came on his stomach.

Our other friend, the guy with the big dick ended up exploding everywhere, hitting the wall behind the headboard with his cum! I actually thought he'd hit our friend in the face, but managed to keep the cum on the bed and/or his body!

We collapsed afterward and just sort of giggled...then we all went to have a group shower and clean off. It was wild. I used that memory for many, many, many future jack off sessions.

We didn't jack off a lot together for the rest of the summer, but would occasionally find one of us jerking to porn, and would then join in.

I definitely had an awesome time that summer in the bachelor pad!



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