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First Time Meeting in life.

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I was never one of those lucky guys who experimented when younger. MY first experience was 2 days ago.


Well lets start this off with a little background. I was never one of those lucky guys who experimented when younger. MY first experience was 2 days ago. I have been in a steady relationship for the last 9 years with the same women and was happy till we split up 8 months ago. After we split up I decided I was going to try webcam action and stuff of that nature.

Well the other day I was in a chat room and a someone messaged me told me they seen the naked picture on my profile. The person asked me if I ever jacked off with another guy so anxious I replied no and then continued chatting. Well after a little while the guy says well my name is (rick) by the way. I gave him my name and we continued he asked me if I would be interested in being jo buddies. Well I had never done such as thing and the thought almost instantly aroused my curiosity.

I agreed we could meet somewhere and then come back to my place I drove to the location more excited then I have been in years, I pulled in to meet the Guy. He was very good looking nice tall muscular build with a huge bulge showing. He then says oh hope you don't mind I brought along a friend. I was shocked and did not know how to react, He soon assured me it would go no further then jacking off. I agreed and we proceeded to my house. We enter my house I said well I have a water bed with porn in my room lets head there. We all agreed and quickly headed to my bed.

Well we laid there watching porn when (Tim) one of guy's decides he is going to get more comfortable. He pulls down his pants to reveal nice silk boxers with an obvious pole protruding from his well defined body.so my new found friend rick soon followed suite to my amazement he was just as well endowed as he looked though his jeans. I finally decide I will get undressed and I am a well endowed guy. I am about 6 3/4 inches and pierced. Well both guys start pointing and asking questions in amazement this is the first time they have ever seen someone pierced in real life. I was aroused even more and explained to them how awesome it made jacking off and sex.

Well soon we were each rubbing our hard protruding poles each with our own style and grace running our hands over our well defined extremely veined shafts while all the sudden the Tim grabs Ricks cock and starts doing something I never thought of before He started Jacking off Rick, I found the thought of Jacking off another person amazing. This really excited me and I began to pump faster rubbing the head with each stroke and occasionally stopping to move my cock piercing up and down to make sure they seen how much more pleasure it causes.

Well soon Rick leans over to me and ask me if it would be alright if he could touch my piercing. well made me a little weary at first but then I agreed. he rubbed the head of my cock and then worked his way down inch by inch soon he was masturbating me like I never felt before. I soon reached over and grabbed Tim's cock it was about a inch smaller then mine but allot thicker. I started rubbing his cock and was amazed on how awesome it felt to have another hard shaft in my hands I was rubbing the veins and stopping occasionally to rub his balls. This was the greatest thing I ever experienced here and now I have Rick masturbating me and I am masturbating Tim.

We all started moaning and one by one starting with Rick shot our hot full loads. Rick started bucking like a mule and moaning in pleasure and then out of nowhere this large creamy white load comes out in drips. I was amazed on how excited he was it did not shoot at least to his nipples. Then it was Tim's turn he gets a little closer to me so we can better grasp each others hard shafts. He started moaning and then he says ooohhh I am going to cummmm a few times and then all the sudden it was like his cock became alive I could feel it pulsating in my hand like I never felt before.

He said ohhh my god and with that he shot one of the largest loads I have ever seen. It shot right clear over him and hit me. it was on my face chest and arm. Just as I realized I was covered in Cum I shot the best load I have ever had. it did not shoot far about to my nipples but damn it was the best experience of my life to date. I have talked to both them online occasionally and hopefully they said next time there will be more people... I can not wait and masturbate all the time just to thinking about it .....



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