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First Time Led To Much More.

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I read the stories on here all the time, and made me feel more comfortable about my own story. Now I'm finally writing it.


This story is 100% true. I finally decided to post it.

This story takes place the summer between me going from 9th grade to 10th grade. Lets start out with me. I'm 5'11 180 lb.. Im in shape but no 6 pack or anything. I have short brown hair and kinda rock the preppy look. khaki shorts and polos all the time. i have a 6 in dick with often shaved but sometimes just trimmed pubes. One of my best friends at the time, we will call him Justin, was a couple years younger than me (13). This summer he was going into 8th grade. Justin was shorter than me, about 5'7 and probably 145 lb.. he had a slight 6 pack, tan skin and brown hair. His dick was about 5 in with shaved pubes.

Justin live across the alley from me and about 5 houses down. We would often spend most of the day at each others houses. One day we decided to go down to the duck pond across the street from his house. We went down into the woods behind the pond and decided we wanted to build a fort. We found a big roll of carpet someone had dumped down there, so we used that as the floor and moved some dead trees to make the roof. There was the usual coke cans and McDonalds bags that littered the ground but from out of nowhere Justin pulled this dirty weathered magazine that looked like it had been there for a couple weeks. The images were faded and partially torn. He began to flip through the magazine and noticed it was pictures of naked guys. Now we hadn't really talked about jacking off that much, but the nature of the magazine had kinda got me excited. We were passing the old dirty magazine back and forth laughing in disbelief at how big those dicks were. I asked him to make a guess at how big the guys dick was. He said, "i don't even know where to begin". I asked him how big his dick was and to use it as a reference. He said he had never measured it. I don't believe him, but I said we can measure it now if you want. He said "how is that? You don't have a ruler do you". I said "No, but I know how big mine is and you can hold yours up to mine." He reluctantly agreed. I was the first to pull my hard cut dick out of the fly in my shorts. He was wearing basketball shorts and he hesitantly pulled the front of them down 'til his 5.5 in dick bounced out. Mine was a little longer, but a lot thicker. We were kneeling on the ground and got right next to each other and I took both of our dicks in my hand. It felt so good holding his dick. I was alway curious of what it looked like because he was small and didn't have any arm pitt hair or anything. I was surprised he shaved his pubes and asked him when he stated doing that. He said he only started like a month ago after his older brother (John was 16 years old) told him it felt good being smooth and made your dick look bigger. We were both hard as a rock. We put our dicks away and sat back and continued talking and kinda forgot about the magazine. All of a sudden Justin asked me, "Hey do you still have a boner"? I said, "Yeah, you?" He said "yeah". I wanted to play with his dick, but didn't want him to think I was gay. I'm straight and had a girlfriend at the time. We didn't have sex, but would make out and i would finger her pussy every once in a while. I told him to prove it. He said, "ok" and pulled out his dick again. I asked him if he jacked off. He said yes and asked me the same. I said yeah, all the time. At least a couple time a day. I reached out and grabbed his dick and began stroking it. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes. I spit in my hand as I would do for myself and continued stroking. His breathing got heavier, and I could see his abs getting more pronounced as he kinda twitched. He said "im, im, im gonn gonnna cummmm" I stated stroking faster an sure enough he spurted 3 small ropes of cum on my hand and a little on his belly. He continued dribbling out for a second and i asked him if it felt good. He said "yeaH!" He then asked me if i still had my boner, and i said yes. He asked me to prove it. I took out my hard dick and he wrapped his hands around it and began stroking. It felt so good having some one do it for me. It took me a little longer to cum than it did him. I began twitching a little as well. I let him know i was gonna explode and then he stated to use too hands. This sent me over the edge. My first spurt hit him on the bottom of his chin. The rest went on my stomach and his hands.

I suggested we go to back to my house and go for a swim and rinse off. Justin normally just swam in his basketball shorts anyways. We walked the short distance to my house, I went to my room to change, and he hopped in the pool. I grabbed a basketball on the may in and we began playing some horse with the basketball goal that was outside the pool. He suggested we play a game on 1 on 1 . The game turned into us wrestling in the pool for the ball. I accidentally grazed his dick and noticed it was hard again. He said he had an NRB. I asked him "what?" He said, "Yeah, you know? a No Reason Boner" I had never heard of that before. I looked down, and sure enough, I had a no reason boner as well. We both kinda laughed. I asked him, "You wanna know something that feels really good?" He said, "what?" I told him to swim over to the side of the pool by the wall and take his boner out and put the head of your dick up next to the jet blower. "Oh my god" he exclaimed. I'm telling you, if you've never tried it, it is a MUST! I said "Hold on one sec" I through 2 pairs of goggles into the pool. We each put one on. I wanted to go under water and watch him get his dick blown by the pool jet. After about 5 minutes I pushed him out of the way and said my turn. I proceeded to mount the pool jet and he went under water to watch. We took turns doing this several times. He asked me if i had ever had a blow job done on me before. I told him i hadn't. He said his brother told him it was one of the best feelings in the world, because the mouth is warm and wet, kinda slimy and the tongue plays with the head of your dick. He asked me if i thought the pool jets felt like a blow job. I said I wouldn't know unless I had had both to compare. With that he ducked under water and took my dick in his mouth. It felt so good! I had never felt anything like it. His small warm mouth felt amazing contrasted against the cool pool water. And in what felt like 2 seconds he was already out of breath and rushed to the surface. He asked me how it felt and I said it felt great! "You wanna try?" i asked. He said, "Yes". I re-adjusted my goggles and went down under the water. I took his dick in my mouth and was surprised at how pleasant it was. It wasn't really bad at all. I played with his balls just a little bit, then i was back to the surface as well. We agreed sucking each others dicks wasn't that bad and felt way better than simply jacking off.

Before i knew it, it was beginning to get dark. Our boners subsided and we both got out of the pool. I told him i would call him tomorrow, and he walked out the gate and I went inside for dinner. My parents had no clue we were messing around even though they were both home and we were just in in the back yard. That night I laid in bed with a massive boner just thinking about what happened that day. I jacked off thinking about it that night. The next day around noon, I called him to see what he was doing. He asked if i wanted to come over. I said sure. When i got to Justin's house he acted like nothing had happened the day before. We were in his parents living room playing Halo. His mom made us some sandwiches, then his dad came in and kicked us out of the living room cause he wanted to watch TV. We went back to Justin's room. I helped him clean his room a little and he had some cartoons on. His door was shut as we were sometimes loud and got on his parents nerves. Out of know where he said. "I got an NRB" I looked down, and sure enough, he had a tent in his basketball shorts. I kinda laughed and reached out and grabbed it though his pants. I said I had an NRB too. He said prove it. Without hesitation i unbuttoned my shots and unzipped my zipper. then lowered my boxers so my dick sprang out. He reached out and touched it and gave it a few rough strokes. We were just sitting there on his bed watching TV. nobody was making a move. I reached out and started playing with his dick though his shorts a little bit more. He leaned back as to make it easier for my to access his dick. I grabbed the waste band of his shorts and pulled down the front of his shorts and boxers simultaneously. I stroked it a couple times, then put my mouth on his dick. He kind gasped and put his hand on the back of my head. I sucked his dick bout 5 min 'til he said he was about to cum. I stopped right before he did. He then began to undue my shorts. Right before he pulled my dick out his mom knocked on the door. It scared the shit out of both of us. She opened the door, but we had both sat up and had our pants up. She didn't suspect a thing. She said that his dad and her were running to the store and a couple of errands. She said the usual, "Be safe and call if you need anything." Once we saw their car drive away. I asked if he had ever heard of 69. He said he had and asked if he wanted to try. We both put out shorts at our ankles and i flipped to be down by his feet. We both took each other in our mouths while alternating between jacking off. He must have been too busy sucking me because with out warning he exploded in my mouth. it caught me off guard, so I swallowed it. Tasting his cum put me over the edge and I did the same to him. He swallowed and clearly like it cause he would no stop sucking me.

We were both out of breath and kinda sticky with sweat. The room defiantly smelt like teenage boys and young dicks. We both got kinda weird after realizing what we had done. He went and took a shower while I chilled in his room. When he got out. I said i was gonna go home.

We continued with the code "NRB" almost anytime i came over to his house over the next couple of years followed by a "prove it" to get the other to show. The fun went on for a couple years till i got in a serious relationship with a girl from school. We had a ton of fun along the way. Even doing it with other friends and his birthday sleepover. we are both in college now, but would love to visit him and see if he still gets his "random" No Reason Boners when we are together. We just stuck to being great friends who knew how to please each other. Leave a comment if you had any kind of similar experience!



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