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First time JO with best friend..

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I never thought I would like masturbating with a male friend before this happened....


First time JO with best friend and I have to say I liked it..

This happened to me about 7yrs ago. I was not married nor dating anyone and my best friend wife was on her period so he was not getting anything as well. I talked with Mark about coming over on the weekend and we would hang out for the day. When I got to his house his wife had just left for her part time job at the mall. I told Mark I wanted to go tot he mall and do some shopping for my sons. When we arrived we were just walking around looking at all the young sexy females there in their shorts and tanks tops with their bars under their tops witch did not cover them very well. I started to get a little horny and so did Mark. I saw this one gals and I told Mark what I wanted to do to her and before long we both were saying how and what we wanted to do to them all. About the time that Marks wife was to have lunch we were going to meet her at the food court. Here is where things start to get hard on me. I could not stop looking at Marks wife and her nice big breast witch I think there are about 39DDs. I knew they both saw me looking but they did not say anything to me. After she left and when back to work Mark and I started to walk around some more and then that is when Mark said he saw me looking at her and it was hot to see me like that and that his wife liked it as well. I asked him how he knew she did because she told him. After walking around the mall some more we decide we would head for his house. On the way there we talked about all the gal and what we wanted to do to them. I told Mark that his wife was very pretty and hot looking today and he said he could not wait for her to finish her period so he could have sex with her.

When we arrived at Marks house I told him on the way in that I was so horny I could JO right there and he said he was too so lets do it. I looked at him and we both just smiled so I said OK. We waked over to the front room and we just took off al of our close and sat next to each other on the couch. I looked at Marks big cock and we both started to slowly stroke our own cocks. I guess we had been stroking for a few min when Mark just reached over to took a hold of my cock and started to stroke me so I did the same. I have to say it felt great to have him stroking me like he was. About 10 mins of that and I told Mark I wanted to sit on the floor facing each other so our cock would touch and we could stroke them together and that is what we did. I told Mark let take turns so I went first and after a few Mark took over and that is when I felt I was about to cum. I told him to slow down or I would cum and Mark said then cum so I did. I shoot my first wave of cum straight up in the air and it came back down on top of our cocks and then the second and third wave of cum came out and that is when Mark lose it and started to cum as well. By the end of it we both were cover in cum all over our cocks. I just laid back and so did Mark. We talked about it and how it felt for about 30 min when I noticed that Mark was playing with himself again. I leaned up and watch and got hard all over again and this time I took hold of Marks and my cock and started the stroking all over again and Mark just laid there. I told him to enjoy this round and he did. I worked on him and me for sometime before Mark started to hump in time with my stroking of our cocks and so I worked his good and hard to make him cum. When he told me he was cumming I stroked him harder and faster to milk him and make his cum shoot out all over my cock and it feel so hot and good. I used Marks cum to finish my self over and I make sure to shoot it on Mark and his cock.

After we finished Mark told me that we should get cleaned up so I headed for the front bathroom and Mark went to his bathroom. We finished showering about the same time and when I got to the front room were our close were I bend over to pick up mine and that is when I heard Mark say "dam Bev is right you do have a sexy ass" and with that he put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him and acted like he was doing me. That is when the phone rang and we both jumped and Mark walked over to the phone to answer it. It was his wife telling him that we should go to the store and get something for dinner. We got dress and headed for the store... That was the first and only time that Mark and I played before he and his family moved out of the state.

Writing this has made me horny all over again and I need to go masturbate again..



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