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First Time in the Shower (Self Taught)

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First let me say that I have enjoyed the stories on this site for more than a year now. Well, here's my first time contribution. I was 11 years old and in the sixth grade. I had been playing with myself ever since I could remember, but nothing seemed to happen. I mean it felt good, but it never built up to anything. At that point in my life, I hadn't really talked to other guys about how they did it, if they did it, etc.
I used to take really long showers in the evening and I'm surprised my parents never caught on. I remember that particular evening pretty well. I had just finished cleaning myself and decided to play around a bit. With the shower mist directly overhead, I sat down Indian style by the drain, legs spread wide with my back against the rear of the tub and my knees pressed tightly against the outer wall.
I sat there stroking it as I had done before (no lube just skin on skin). I usually would stop after a few minutes, but on this evening I just continued for some reason. So there I was staring down intently at my rock hard cock in my hand. The shower mist acted as white noise blocking out the rest of the world and helping me completely concentrate on the moment (later on I would find that some of my best solo orgasms occurred when I didn't think or fantasize about anything or anyone and just concentrated on the shear ecstasy of being naked and doing what I was doing and where).
After what seemed like a few minutes, my body began to respond differently like it was beginning an ascent, an initial tingle so to speak where you reach a plateau or a higher sense of consciousness. I thought, this is neat...it's never been like this before. Little did I know what was about to happen. I continued to stroke and the pressure began to mount. I then felt the onset, that kind of feeling where you reach the point of no return. Then it began to hit, the most incredible, indescribable, unbelievable physical feeling that I ever had coming straight from between my legs. I felt like my dick was a rocket and my body the launch pad. I continued to stroke right on through it in complete silence with my eyes bulging and my mouth wide open. I don't remember being scared or anything, I think I embraced the experience and said to myself...holy shit, so that's what its all about. After sitting there for a few seconds in a state of shock, I shut the water off and went about my evening.
There was nothing to clean up; I was a dry heaver at that point (and wouldn't actually cum until I was 14). All I know is I couldn't wait to do it again and probably did the very next night. As best I can figure, I've probably jerked off about 7,000 times since then (even marriage didn't slow me down...much). In fact, I'm quite horny from writing this, so as soon as I'm done, I'm going to go reenact the whole scene all over again.



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