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First Time in Shower Room

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I used to read the stories on this site in disbelief as I could never imagine anything like that happening to me until a short while ago. I was on holidays with my dad and my brother in a big apartment-style hotel that had a swimming pool. One day at the pool, my dad said he and my brother were going to go back to our room. I decided to stay until the pool closed, which was in about thirty minutes. However, after they left, I regretted the decision as swimming up and down the pool soon got pretty boring. I got out of the empty pool and left for the shower.

The swimming pool was actually part of a leisure centre, and there were two other guys in their 20s already in the open shower room, probably from the gym I assumed, as they were quite fit.. While I was still in my swimming trunks, the two other guys were totally naked. They were laughing about something, but I didn't know what. I felt my dick getting harder just looking at one of them so I kept my trunks on...

After one of the other guys left the showers, the remaining guy looked over at me. Embarrassed, I looked away quickly, but when he saw me looking again, he stopped showering. 'You like guys too?' he said. He turned around fully to reveal a semi hard cock. He must have been having some fun with the other guy. He was about 6 ft, tanned with short, dark hair and, as I said before, obviously worked out. Apart from his head, he was shaved all over.

'I guess,' I replied, but I really didn't need to answer as he was looking down at the now massive bulge in my trunks. He just smiled. 'You can take them off in here,' he said as he walked towards me across the shower room. 'You can't shower properly in those anyway.' He made sense, so reluctantly I took of my trunks, letting out my dick, which was now rock hard. He looked at it for a second, and then pointed at his own and said, 'Do you mind if I finish off?'

I shook my head, not knowing what to say. He leaned back onto the wall next to me under a shower, and started stroking his cock, getting it hard again. His dick, which was about 5 inches when I walked in, quickly grew to what must have been 7 inches. It looked extremely hard, and bent upwards like I had never seen, like a letter J. To my amazement, it was now over 8 inches. Thick, hard veins ran all over it, and smooth balls bounced up and down. He started pumping faster, and as if he forgot I was there, he let out a loud moan. He kept at it for a few more seconds before he bent over slightly and started breathing heavily, like he was going to come. Then he noticed my and stopped.

'Sorry,' he said. 'Do you want to as well?'


Before I could give a proper answer, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. 'Here,' he said. 'Go.' So I started jacking his huge dick. After a few seconds he let out another load moan and slowly slipped down the wall onto the floor. I sat down next to him so as not to stop, and as I did so, he reached over and started jacking my dick which was now flowing with pre-cum that quickly lubed up his hand. We knew there was no one else around so we felt it was okay to moan and groan even louder than before. A minute later he said 'Oh Jesus, I'm gonna come!' He started moaning continuously with pleasure, before he shook and grunted as rope after rope of thick white cum shot through his piss slit, shooting down his legs and flowing all over my hand. I had never seen anything like it - he was cumming for about 20 seconds solid and by the end of it, his jizz was running down my arm.

Before I could say anything, he immediately rolled me over and now grabbed by dick with both hands, jacking so hard I suddenly started moaning louder than I ever had in my entire life. I guess he was thanking me.

A few seconds later, I shot straight into the air and hit him in the face. Although I didn't cum nearly as much as him, it was more than I ever had before. 'Oh, yeah,' he said as started catching it in his mouth. When I stopped, he lay his head down on my cum splattered abs and breathed out slowly. He then got up and said, 'That was really cool.' We then showered off in silence.



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