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First Time In Sex Shop

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I wish there was a way to show how true this story is!


So, I first off have to say that this website is awesome.

I'm nineteen now and have been reading and jacking off to stories on this website since I was fifteen.

My story starts with me driving home from work one night at like eleven at night when I noticed a small bar next to an adult bookstore with video arcade. I had never seen it before so I decided to go in.

I had always wanted to go into a video arcade after hearing the crazy stories about them on this website. All the stories of glory holes, and anonymous hookups always made me jack off to climax multiple times.

I decided I would go in and see if I was lucky just like all the men in stories i've read on this site.

I walked in, and was asked for ID and then given a five dollar card that you use with each tv. The man warned me that the stalls were open and everyone can see what you are doing and I said that it was fine.

I walked through the black curtain dividing the large dark room with many stalls. I quicly noticed men just hanging out, waiting for someone to walk in that was attractive enough to go into a stall with. Most of them were in like their forties so I walked around a corner to see who else was there just waiting.

I saw a very very good looking white male with a tall and buff body(he had to work out like crazy because his arms looks double mine and I work out everyday!) in his twenties, wearing shorts and a tight muscle t-shirt just waiting outside of a stall. As soon as I walked in, he followed into the stall next to mine. Our stalls were three walls with the walls on one side open so you could see exactly what the other person is doing.

My stomach was doing flips as I put my card in and started watching some gay porn. He put his card in his TV and flipped to the same movie I was watching. He was looking over at me waiting to see what I would do so I started slowly rubbing over my dick through my jeans. he started doing the same over his fitted shorts, and as soon as he did the outline of his boner was quite visible. He had to be at least eight inches long and I don't think he was fully hard yet. I decided to be brave and let my 7'' uncut cock free from my tight boxer briefs. As I did that we looked eachother in the eyes in agreeing that he should come over to my stall. I sat down in the chair in the stall as he stood in front of me.

I was jacking off sliding my foreskin up and down the head of my cock with one hand until he came over and I undid his zipper from his shorts. He wasn't wearing any underwear! I pulled out his smooth white cock with a big pink mushroom head that had a little precum coming out of his slit.

I started to jack him off slowly getting him completely hard and he started moaning softly with each stroke of my hand. At the same time, I was dripping precum a lot and switched hands and used his precum as lube for his big dick.

It felt as though with every stroke I was giving him, his dick would get even harder. Soon after starting to focus on his big head and rubbing the area around his slit I felt his whole body tighten and he came five strong thick ropes of his cum all over the wall.

I thought I would have to finish my throbbing cock myself but he stood me up and began doing the same. I don't think that I have ever felt so amazing in my life! He was rubbing my cock all over. He would occasionally rub my nuts until I started cleching up and I came in his hands and all ove the floor.

We both looked at eachother, smiled and zipped up.

I have gone back several times but I never saw him again. Thankfully, I've had plenty other experiences in that sex shop.

Maybe i'll write about one of those soon ;)



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