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First Time in Public

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This story is a recollection from a number of years ago. I hope you like it.


When I was fourteen I had been masturbating for around two years. Not frequently, about twice a month on average. Later the frequency of masturbation increased until I masturbated on average around four or five days a week, sometime all seven. The experience in this story was, I think, the start of my need to occasionally enjoy the thrill of masturbation 'in public'. To date I have never been caught but I think it has been a close run thing on a number of occasions, but those are other stories.

I was away on a guide camp which lasted for a week. On the Monday night (the third night of the camp) after we had been in bed and had finally been quiet for about fifteen minutes, I became aware that Janice, who was the tent leader, was breathing through her mouth in a regular gasping fashion. It was obvious that she was not asleep and it took me a minute to realise she must have been masturbating in the tent where there were three other girls. There was no other explanation that even a naïve 14-year-old could come up with.

I quickly picked up the sound of her arm rubbing rhythmically along the inside of her sleeping bag. Her breathing became heavier and more ragged. I could hear her arm movements getting quicker as she was obviously getting closer to her orgasm. Without realising what I was doing I started to gently tickle my sex. With a gentle moan Janice came and her breathing slowly returned to normal. I wanted to do the same to myself but was too scared to continue and turned over frustrated and went to sleep.

On the Wednesday night, soon after we had gone to bed, it wasn't long before I heard the same sounds I had heard on Monday. Janice was masturbating again! This time, as I listened to her getting more excited, I was becoming wetter and wetter, and slid the middle finger of my left hand into my sex and found my clit and started rubbing, being careful to keep my arm still. Janice's breathing became more and more heavy, the rhythm of her rubbing became faster and faster and with a moan (louder this time) once more it was clear that Janice was in the throes of orgasm. By this time I had only just started to caress my clitoris in earnest and my own orgasm had not even started to build. Knowing that Janice was lying there awake having just masturbated herself to a climax, I knew that if I continued she would hear me, and I did not want to be found out. Again I dared not carry on.

It was Friday night when it finally happened. Soon after we had stopped talking I was once more aware of Janice sighing in a contented sigh. For the third time in five days she was masturbating. As I noted above at that time I was only fourteen and masturbating twice a month. To find someone who was masturbating so often came as complete revelation. Little did I know what was in store as I grew up.

Tonight Janice was in as much a hurry as the previous nights. She sighed contentedly on a regular basis. In the meantime my left hand had found my sex and was working away on my clitoris. I was scared of moving my arm and making any noise to let Janice know I was awake. I moved my finger across my clit as fast as I could, all the while listening to Janice.

By now her rhythm was increasing and her sighs were getting more verbal as she thought the rest of us were asleep. I concentrated on keeping my breathing regular, all the while my excitement was rising.

About seven or eight minutes had passed and I could feel the beginnings of the tension in my stomach as my orgasm was rising. I could hear Janice's moans as her own orgasm approached.

Mine was approaching quickly now as I continued to masturbate. Janice moaned out loud in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her. That was enough to tip me over the top and I enjoyed a medium deep and long lasting orgasm. Probably the best I'd had in my life to that time. I concentrated hard on not giving myself away by moving my arm or breathing too raggedly even though I really wanted to.

In the morning we packed and started the journey home. I vowed that wouldn't be the last time I had an orgasm in public by my own hand.



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