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First Time in Front of a Naked Female

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I really enjoyed exhibiting myself to this girl


It was a few weeks later when Pat and I were thrown together in what now seems to have been a fateful evening. Neither of us had mentioned about the masturbation show I had said I would give her, and I had no idea on this evening what was to take place.

We both went to the club to play badminton, but as it turned out we were the only two there that evening, and rather than play three hours of single badminton, I suggested we go swimming and then go for a coffee afterwards. Pat was happy to do this, but then she stopped me in my tracks when she suggested we both do some skinny dipping if there was nobody else in the pool. I very nearly came in my pants on the spot. As we walked towards the pool, I was silenty repeating the Lord's Prayer that it would be empty. My prayers were answered, there was nobody there, just the two of us.

For some strange reason we went to separate changing rooms, and I was first out, and into the pool hoping that the cool water would help me negotiate the erection my brain was giving me. I was doing a fair job in the water, until Pat came out of the dressing room, naked.

She is a beautiful girl in every sense, but quite reserved. This was the first time she had been naked with a guy, I'm sure. Her pert breasts stood out from where her waist curved in before curving back out over her hips. Her nipples and aureolae were quite dark, and stood out in the shadowy light of the pool. Her mound was covered with neatly trimmed dark pubic hair. My penis was beginning to get a mind of it's own, so I swam towards where she stood. She climbed down the stairs into the pool, and I mistakenly watched as her legs parted on each step, my cock was beginning to really stir now, I had to keep it under control. Her pussy just parted on each step, and her arse looked firm and tight. She entered the water and we swam a while, splashed and generally played about. Occasionally I would tread water, as this helped keep my erection in check. Pat stood in the shallow end, and I watched the goose bumps appear on her chilled skin, and her nipples harden from the cold water.

When it was time to get out and get changed, I decided that I would ask her she would like to see me masturbating in front of her in the changing room. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be, but she eased my fears when she said 'That would be really nice'.

We made out way to the female changing room, and Pat sat down on the bench, crossed her legs, and I noticed her dark nipples were still very hard. I stood naked in front of her, with the start of a very firm erection. I said to her that it would take about four or five minutes for me to get really stiff, and cum for her. (My mind was really saying about 30 seconds, but I had to keep going so as not to get it over with too quickly).

She watched as I pulled my foreskin back and forth and my penis began to swell in my hand. This was obviously the first time she had seen an erect penis growing, and she seemed fascinated from the look on her face, as it raised upwards towards the sky. I continued rubbing my cock, until it was completely stiff and erect, when she asked me to stop wanking, so she could see what my erection looked like. She didn't come too close but took a good look at my cock. She said to carry on and do what I would normally do when I wank.

I got into a good rythym and looked at her breasts and nipples which was turning me on greatly. How I wished I could feel them, but we had agreed that no touching would take place. Pat moved from side to side as I continued to wank, and I wondered if she was getting slightly wet between her legs, which were still crossed. I could feel in my balls that I was approaching an orgasm as they were rising into my abdomen, Pat was watching intently. I was starting to moan a little, and sigh as the pleasure built and the pressure increased. I was not far from shooting.

I asked Pat to uncross her legs, which she did, and I could just see the tiniest of slits between her labia, and wondered how virginally tight she might be with my penis inside her. This drove me on even higher, and the thought of Pat watching me wanking was bringing me closer and closer to ecstacy.

Pat's nipples were now rock hard, and I could see that her lips were parting slightly, which I took to mean that she was not only enjoying the show, but very wet down below. I rubbed away furiously, moaning and sighing as the ejaculation built up. I manouevred my body right in front of Pat, but aimed my cock in a direction away from her for fear of shooting over her. I rubbed a few more strokes and let out a loud moan, as my semen flew across the changing room, and onto the floor. My cock was pumping from down below, as the spunk was cascading about 18 inches through the air. Pat was moving from side to side, watching intently as the cream made a pattern on the floor in front of her.

I sighed once more, and pulled my foreskin forward strongly to ooze the last remaining drips of semen from my cock onto the floor. My legs had given way, I had ejaculated for the first time in front of a naked female, who was clearly overwhelmed by what she had seen.

I sat beside Pat, and cleaned myself up, and asked if she had enjoyed what she saw. She said that she had, and was really pleased that she had seen a guy shoot his wad for the first time, without being under any pressure to touch it, or have a cock inside her. I was feeling really good, and my exhibitionist streak was satisfied. I really wanted her to repay the favour.

I asked her if she had ever touched herself, and she replied that she had, but never really achieved an orgasm, she said that she found it difficult to think up erotic thoughts. She then asked me what I had been thinking about, and I said about making love with her in a fine bed.

She told me that she does get aroused when she hears her mum moaning through the bedroom wall, sometimes with her Dad and sometimes alone.

I would have to see Pat bringing herself to orgasm. (To follow)



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