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First Time I Watched a Guy Masturbate

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Actually, this story is more about another guy watching me masturbate.

When I was younger, the boy who lived across the street asked me out of the blue one day how big my balls were. I don't know what I said. I just remember being shocked that he would talk about my privates. I guess I said I don't know because he said, want to measure them with me? I was scared to death because even him asking the question was making my cock get stiff. It did that a lot and I thought I'd die of embarrassment if anybody ever found out. I didn't know why it got like that, but I was sure it never happened to anyone else.

But William wouldn't quit. When I told him I didn't want to show him how big they were he started making fun of me. Finally I had to agree. He said he'd come over to my house the next morning when my mom was at work and we could compare sizes. I don't think I slept at all that night. My cock was stiff all the time and I didn't know how I could keep it from getting that way when he came over.

The next morning I had a boner even before he showed up and I tried to pull my shirt over the front of my pants to hide it. William came in and we locked the door and he started taking off his clothes. I started slowly too. It was like strip poker without the cards, and I tried to make sure he was going faster than me. When he unzipped his pants I nearly fainted and then he pulled down his jockeys and his penis stuck straight out in front of him. But I was only half relieved, cause I knew my would stick straight up when I took down my pants.

I just had to get it over with so I tried to bluff it out and pulled down my pants and my underpants together and said, look what I can do! Like it was something special and better. We were staring at each other's cocks and he pulled on his nuts and his dick started to get bigger until it was pointing straight up just like mine. I was so relieved I said let's get a ruler and measure them. We were exactly the same size, about four and a half inches.

That was the start of a couple of years worth of getting together and getting naked a couple of times a week. When we first started neither one of us knew anything about sex, I'm sure. But it was exciting to see him naked and hard, and we played all sorts of games with our cocks for the rest of that summer.

One day I was home by myself and got naked. I'm not circumcised, and I found that when I stretched my foreskin all the way over the head of my dick it felt great, but when I pulled it back down it felt even better. After a few minutes of this I thought I was going to pee so I stopped, but later that day I tried it again. The next time William came over to get naked I showed him what I'd done and told him it felt really good if you did it long enough, but he thought it was stupid. Maybe cause he was cut it didn't feel so good.

Anyway, we kept on getting naked together and playing with ourselves, but only rarely touching each other and only in a very controlled way. Like we'd have rules. I could wrap my fist around his cock, but I couldn't stroke it. Or he could touch my balls but not my shaft. Dumb stuff like that.

Then one day we were sitting on my bed with our boners in our hand and I started stroking. By this time we'd learned the basics of sex, but I don't think we really understood much. Anyway, I was pulling my skin up and down and it kept feeling better and better. I was saying to him, William you should try this it feels so good when you do it like this, but he wouldn't join me. Then I said oh I just can't stop it feels so good and we were both staring at my cock when suddenly this white stuff started pouring out all over my hand and my balls and the bed. William said what happened what's that? And somehow, right away I knew. I think that's cum, I said.

I got some tissues and wiped it all up. And then I said, you try it, but again William said no. We decided to get dressed then pretty quickly. We had this ritual, once we were dressed and before William left to go back to his house, we'd grab each other's crotch and give the other guy's cock a squeeze. William was still half hard when he left that day.

Two days later he came back over after school and like always we stripped down fast. But this time, as soon as he was naked, William laid down on my bed and started pulling on his cock like he'd seen me do, and again I knew right away that he'd gone straight home the other day and jerked off. He hadn't wanted to try it in front of me in case he couldn't cum, so I knew as soon as he started that he'd shot his first load. And sure enough in a couple of minutes we were both creaming on our fists together.

And that was the first time I ever watched another guy masturbate. There have been a few more guys since William, but I'll save those stories for another time.



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