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First Time I Was Touched - Part 2

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Continuation of story from July 13


After our first session exploring each other's bodies, and giving each other orgasms, we were eager to repeat our adventure. Lynne asked me if I minded her telling Kathy, and I said that would be fine. I thought Kathy was hot, and she and I flirted a bunch too. When we swam there was a lot of rough-housing like grabbing each other and tickling. So the idea of getting Kathy into our game sounded like fun. I just wasn't sure Lynne would be OK with it.

So a couple of days later I got to go over to their house again. Kathy didn't have to work that day, so it was the three of us alone again. As soon as I got inside Kathy said 'Lynne told me about what you guys did!' and I just smiled and was kind of embarrassed.

Then Kathy said, 'Can I see it too!', and I looked at Lynne and she was smiling, and I said 'Sure, if I can see you naked too.' With that she stood up and slid out of her shorts and pulled her top off, then pulled her bra and panties off all in about 10 seconds. I took off my clothes and we turned to Lynne and said 'You too', and of course she did.

So they said 'Lie down on the bed so we can play with you', and I layed back in the middle of Lynne's bed, and they sat on either side of me. Kathy was examining my penis, pulling it this way and that, and touched my scrotum and squeezed it a bit which made me wince. 'Sorry!' she said.

So while Kathy is giving me my exam, I'm playing with Lynne's nipples, which got really hard. Her face was kind of flushed and she was starting to get really turned on. So I reached down between Lynne's legs and began to stroke her pussy, and she lay back and spread her legs open for me so I could get to it better. I slid my finger into her pussy deeply and she groaned. I then began to stroke her clit like she showed me, and after a minute she arched her back and shuddered and pushed my hand away.

Kathy said 'Wow, can you do that to me?' and I said, 'Sure, lay down'. I proceeded to run my hands up and down her body, playing with her boobs, and sliding my fingers down to her crotch, brushing her pussy hair lightly. She was really turned on, and had her eyes closed, enjoying the touching. She opened her legs wider, inviting me to enter her, and I slid my finger between her pussy lips and she was soaking wet with her slippery juices. I slowly pressed my finger into her and she gasped.

Lynne didn't waste time and she got some hand lotion and began to stroke my penis very slowly while I played with Kathy's pussy. I began to pump Kathy's pussy with my finger, and between each pump I would stroke her clit. She was getting really close to cumming, so I began to concentrate on her clit in earnest and she let out this groan and began shaking in what I can only describe as a convulsion that lasted for about 20 seconds.

She rolled over on the bed and opened her eyes and just started to laugh. 'That was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!' she said.

Kathy said to Lynne, 'Let me do that', and grabbed a blob of hand cream and took over stroking my cock. I told Lynne to play with my balls, and I watched as these two beautiful girls were stroking me. I reached my hands up and grabbed a tit on each of them. Kathy said, 'When will it squirt?'. I said that I was about ready to cum, and to stroke faster, and she did.

I came in a few more seconds, and this enormous white rope of semen squirted out across my chest and over my head and splatted against the headboard. 'Don't stop' I said, and Kathy kept stroking me and I shot 4 or 5 more times.

We got a towel and cleaned up the mess, and then sat around and talked and listed to records for a while, naked all the while. We talked a lot about sex, and agreed that we were all too young to go any further, and no one wanted to get pregnant anyway. So we just jerked each other off, and I think I came about three times that afternoon, and I got them off a couple of times each too.

After a few weeks Lynne told me she really like me more than a friend, and she wanted just us to play our games. Kathy I think was disappointed, but understood. And so Lynne and I would go into her room to play, and come out when we were done. It was kind of awkward, but Kathy seemed OK with it. I think she masterbated when we were in there because when would come out she was flushed and just had 'that look'.

We kept that up all summer and the next year too until Lynne moved to another school. That was one of the greatest summers of my life!



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