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First Time I Was Touched

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When I was 14 there was a girl in my school I got to be good friends with named Lynn. She was cute, but we were just friends. She had a sister, Kathy, who was about two years older. We all became good friends and would go to each others houses to hang out, or just talk for hours on the phone.

I had a talent (so I thought) for making moaning sex noises, which the girls thought was hysterical and would ask me to do it frequently. But of course, I never had the nerve to actually do anything for real.

During summer break I would sometimes go to their house, and since their mother was divorced and working, we had the place to ourselves. But with the three of us around nothing happened except some seriously exciting flirting. And clearly Lynn had a big crush on me and would be very suggestive, but I was way to chicken to do anything. Once she even unzipped her shorts and pulled the flap open to show me the print on her underwear. Very exciting stuff!

On one visit to their house, it turned out that Kathy had taken a job at the Pizza Hut down the street, so that left Lynn and me to ourselves. We listened to records for a while and talked, and eventually we started talking about how neither one of us had seen the opposite sex naked, except for a little cousin or whatever.

I will never forget how my heart was absolutely pounding out of my chest, trying to work up the nerve to suggest we take care of that deficiency in our education, but I just couldn't do it. To my good fortune, Lynn just looked at me and said, 'If you will, I will'. Shit! This was incredible!

Of course I said OK. She said, 'You first', so I stood up next to her bed and she sat before me, and I unzipped my pants and let them slide to the floor. My underwear looked like a tent with my tremendous boner (as we called them), and I was actually embarrassed about my erection. 'Sorry' I said and she said 'For what?'. I said, 'For my boner' and she just smiled and said something like, 'I would be surprised if you didn't have one!'

I then pulled down my briefs and my dick stuck straight out just inches from her face. She sat their looking at it, and said 'Can I touch it?' I said, 'Sure' and she very carefully reached out and lightly ran her fingers across my shaft and out to the head. I nearly came right then, and I was breathing heavily. I felt I was about to pass out it was so exciting!

After a bit, Lynn stood up and said 'My turn!' and took off her top and her bra. Her small tits were beautiful, and she said I could touch them if I wanted to. I reached out and cupped her breast and ran my fingers across her nipples. She smiled and said that it felt great, and she was also breathing heavily.

After a few minutes she pulled her shorts down and was standing there in front of me in just her panties. I think she actually was a bit scared that maybe she had committed to something she wasn't prepared to do. But there was no going back, and she slipped them off to reveal her beautiful pussy that was covered in light hair.

'You are so beautiful' I said, and she smiled and gave me a hug, and pressed her hips against me. She looked up at me and I kissed her for the first time. Just a peck at first, and then a little longer, and finally we began to kiss in earnest, standing there with our naked bodies pressed against each other.

I asked her to lie back on the bed so I could have a closer look, and she did and lifted her knees up so I could see up close. I could see the wetness between her pussy lips, and I could smell her scent which made me dizzy.

I asked her, 'Can I touch it?' She said 'Of course, idiot!' and laughed. That broke the tension a bit and I started to really relax. I reached out and ran my fingers across her pussy lips, and between the folds which were so soft and slippery with her juices. She was really panting, and slowly I put the tip of my finger into her. She said, go slow and I slipped it a bit further in, then out, then a bit more. It was tight and I could feel her muscles contracting on my finger and she started to moan.

After a few minutes she said, 'Let me show you where to touch me', and put my finger on her clit. She told me to be gentle, and rub her there up and down, which I gladly did. After about 30 seconds she arched her back and shook for about 15 seconds, then pushed my hand away and rolled on her side, laughing with pleasure.

She turned to me and said lie down which I did, and she began to run her hands up and down my legs up to my balls, but not quite touching them. I was so close to coming, but afraid she might be freaked out by it. She then said, 'Can I see it squirt?'. I said, 'Keep going and I won't be able to stop it.'

She said, 'Show me what to do', so I said do you have some hand lotion? She did next to her bed, and I said put some in your hand, and rub my dick. She put a glob in her hand, spread it around and began to stroke my cock. After about 10 seconds I groaned and shot a load of cum that went about two feet in the air and landed on my belly and chest, and dribbled down across her hand. She looked shocked, and whispered 'wow'.

She grabbed a towel and cleaned me up and then laid down next to me and we kissed for a while, exploring each others bodies. It didn't take long before we were aroused again-I never actually lost my erection. We each orgasmed again, but this time we both lasted longer. We realized her mother would be home in a bit, so we got dressed and made a snack.

We would repeat our little adventure a bunch more times that summer, and nearly got caught a couple of times at my house. But it was the most exciting summer of my life. Kathy even got into our act, but that is another story.



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