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First Time I Saw Cum

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Kinda by accident


I was 16 at the time and had a steady boyfriend named Jeff. We had been going with each other for several months and he would spent lots of time at my house and I also spent lots of time at his. It was on one of these visits that we went up to his room just to hang out and talk. When we got to his room I saw this glob that was actually almost clear on his night stand and asked Jeff 'what did you have this morning' thinking it was something he had been eating. I reached down and touched it and rub my fingers together and said 'it is slimmy feeling what ever you had'. I noticed Jeff was red in the face and blushing and this really got my curiosity up. I kept after him wanting to know what it was. This was his room so I knew he knew what it was and was obviously too embarrassed to talk about it. But I kept after him wanting to know.

All red in the face he finally gave in and told me it was his cum. I knew what 'cum' was as I had heard kids at school use the word. I had been masturbating since I was around 12 years old and knew boys also did by jacking off but I still had no idea how it got to the top of his stand. So I asked him how it got there. Still very red in the face he told me that he had jacked off while laying on his bed that morning just a little while before I arrived. I had always imagined that when a boy climaxed his sperm would just run out of his penis so I was REALLY curious about how it got from the bed to the stand. My mom had told me a lot about boys and sex when I started really getting interested in boys mainly wanting to warn me about some of them that want nothing but to 'get into that thing you have between your legs' as she put it. I kept up with my questions to Jeff wanting him to explain what happened to get his 'cum' way over there from his bed. He finally started telling me how the first squirts come out very hard and that it had shot over there that morning and that he didn't notice it until I said something. I was really besides myself now and this was all I could think about.

Several days later I was back over at Jeff's house and both his parents were at work so he was home alone. I knew this when I went over and I had told my mom that Jeff's mom was off that day and was home. When I got there we went up to his room and when we got there I immediately started in on seeing how he got his cum from the bed to the stand. He was all red in the face again but he was also very excited by all this. I told him please show me and that I wouldn't tell anybody about this. He finally agreed and very nervously took off his pants. I looked at his hard penis thru his briefs and my mouth fell open. God, it was BIG! He then looked at me and asked 'are you ready'? I said yes and off they came. I was looking at the first erect dick I'd ever seen and I couldn't take my eyes off of it and my pussy was also feeling it and the juices were flowing. Jeff put some lotion on his right hand and laid down on his back. He then wrapped his hand around his big dick and started the stroking motions. I was going nuts wanting to do it and I asked Jeff If I could do it. He said 'Oh yes!' and removed his hand. Here I was the first girl to ever see his dick and now the first to ever touch it and he was some kind of excited. I started stroking it and it felt so good in my hand. Jeff's eyes were closed and he was laying there kind of moaning. Soon he was breathing real fast and he got stiff and started thrusting his hips and with a loud AH he started shooting long streams of his cum. What a sight! I was holding his dick stright up and the cum must had shot up two or three feet before falling back down. I said 'oh my god' when I first saw this. I now knew how that glob got all the way to the stand. Unlike what I saw on the stand this time it was white in color. It finally came down to oozing out of his dick and this was how I imagined it was when a boy came. I felt it in my hand and took it to my nose to smell it. Jeff then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and was grinning ear to ear.

On my next visit to his room Jeff too got to learn about what girls do the pleasure themselves as it was my turn. Only problem was when I took off my pants and panties poor Jeff couldn't keep his hands off me. When I laid down and opened my legs to show him he ripped off his pants and jumped into bed with me and was hard as a rock. I showed him what to do and he told me he had to get off too and had me stroke his dick too. We experienced our first mutual orgasm! Jeffs cum went everywhere when he went off. We were both a mess and ended up having to change the sheets. I was now well broke in as far as seeing cum for the first time and I've been enjoying this stuff ever since!



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