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First Time, Gym Sauna

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I guess I should start off by saying I am bi curious, I have played around with a few other guys but I will always consider myself bi curious. I'll always be curious.


Any way, I was at the gym today and after a long leg workout I went to tan. I love tanning (that is another story or two in itself), I love the heat of the bulbs bathing my entire naked body.

So I tanned using lotion and decided to follow with a little sauna time. I often end a workout with a sauna since I enjoy the heat and sweating. Sitting in the sauna on the top bench I was building up a nice sweat. I also do various stretching while there, feeling the heat allows my muscles to stretch more. Some of these positions can put me in a position that feels great while idly playing with my cock.

I should say I have nothing to hide, belonged to a nudist club in the 90s, and I walk around the locker room, naked with a towel over my shoulder usually. Since my cock doesn't go up on it's own, I don't

fear an unexpected erection. So, should something happen, it would look different if I were covered up.

So I'm getting ready to go in the sauna, filling my water bottle first. I notice an older guy, out of the corner of my eye, staring at my dick. No big deal, if looking at me turns someone on, I'm not offended, hell, I'm flattered. In a previous gym, I recall a guy in the locker room (just us) would get hard just looking at me. For one thing, I envy his ability to get hard that easily, for another, damn, I was flattered.

So in the sauna I go. I am there for about five or ten minutes when who should come in, but the guy I saw eying my dick. Nothing is said, but he sits on a lower bench, a few feet away from me. He is glancing over but trying to be discrete, but to me he is quite obvious, there is no one else there. Eventually he moves up to the upper bench, same level as I was on.

I am watching him from the corner of my eye. I eventually start to lightly play with my cock, twitching it or gently rubbing it with one finger. I see he is still trying to watch, but not dead on. I started to become more bold and kind of rub it. I look at him and he is openly staring at it. I should say here, while I have stroked myself off in the sauna before, it was never with someone else in there. I have also, never seen this guy before.

So in the position I was in, openly (to him a least) stroking my solid hard dick, which was sticking up at a 10 degree angle to my body. I looked at him and asked (first conversation between us) 'enjoying the view', he replied 'yes'. I continued to jerk off with my legs on the bench I was sitting on. I could easily reach down

with my other hand and play with my balls.

After a few minutes, I turned sideways on the bench facing him. I wanted to play with my exhibitionist side. I wanted him to watch me stroke my cock to completion. I was proud of my dick, standing tall (have had some problems in the past, 50s here). The cum shot was not as strong as I'd hoped for, being totally watched like that (first time watched like that).

I expect to use it for tomorrow morning's jerk off. He only touched his dick two or three times, and it never showed any rise to the occasion. Would like to have seen what his dick looked like hard, it seemed a decent thickness soft, but looked rather small for it's length.

Would (WILL) I do it again, probably yes, though I have never been that opened in the past. Don't want to get caught, and as I said, if I were to suddenly cover myself,(maybe I'm paranoid) it would look like I was trying to hide something.



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