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First Time Fun With Mom's Monster Dong

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I was seventeen then and just too curious and too horny to resist the temptation


I have been reading the stories in Solo Touch for a while and I must say I love this site. I am going to share my very first orgasm from a dong vibe. I have been playing with myself since an earlier age. We had a rope hanging from a tree for a swing. The rope went through a hole in the center of a board just wide enough for a person to sit on. In order to swing on the swing you had to straddle the rope between your legs. One day while playing on the rope swing, I accidentally stimulated my pussy and wow I thought it felt good. I spent a lot of time swinging in the back yard after that. It worked best when I would wear pants and could touch the rope real close with my crotch. It was so enjoyable.

There were times when I was not able to use the swing so I started to explore myself with my fingers. It felt so good. I would explore in the morning when I would wake up and at night before I went to sleep. As I got older I did it more often. I am a very shy private person and I never shared my adventures with anyone till now.

I grew up in a single parent household. My mother had two jobs and was gone a lot. I was lucky because we lived across the alley from my grandparents house. When my mother was at work I was always supervised by my grandparents. I was lucky because after I was about twelve years old I could go from grandma's house to my house basically supervising myself. I just had to 'check in' on occasion with grandma so that she would know that everything was alright. I was free to spend time with myself. This was great for me as I had developed a body that was growing and my pussy was always needing attention. I gave my pussy all the attention it required.

The freedom I enjoyed came with a price. I had to do the cooking, cleaning, and the laundry to help my mom out. I had chores to do every afternoon after school and I had to clean the house and do laundry on Saturday. Believe it or not I was glad to do it. I didn't want to go to a sitter or any thing like that.

As I got older I experimented with my personal sexuality. I started wearing fewer clothes when I was cleaning house. Pretty soon I was vacuuming totally nude. The freedom I felt when naked is undescribable. I could rub my clit and cum when I felt the need. It was so enjoyable vacuuming. I started being mostly naked on Saturdays doing the laundry also. Once I had the washer and dryer going I would hold my pelvis against the vibrating machines and have the most enjoyable orgasm. Who knew taking care of chores could be so much fun.

I developed a strong desire for penetration and couldn't get away from it. I would insert two and three fingers into my flower but my fingers couldn't get deep enough. It was like an itch deep inside that I couldn't scratch. I kept trying though.

Then one Saturday while I was doing the laundry I found the answer to my itch.

On laundry day our dirty clothes are in the hamper in the bathroom. I had to wash them fold them and put them away. I had clothes to put in my mother's room and while putting her clothes in her dresser I saw a huge flesh colored penis shaped object standing erect on her night stand. My eyes locked on to it and I was captivated by it. Beside it was a bottle of astroglide lubricating liquid. I finished putting the clothes away and walked over to the night stand and picked up the dong. I had never seen one before. My pussy started to tingle. The dong was so big around that my fingers couldn't touch when I grabbed it. It intrigued me sooooooo much. My mind was racing. I started to think about how this huge dong was probably in my mother's pussy the night before. I would never have imagined it. My mother has always been a very private person. I was so excited! I had to play with it! I took it to my bedroom and closed and locked the door. I did that in case my mom or grandma came in unexpectedly.

My bed is a four poster bed with a blanket rail between the bottom posts. A while back I had started resting my feet on the rail with my knees bent toward my chest. I would bend my legs toward my body and spread my legs as far apart as I could while I played with my pussy. I started doing this when I shaved my pussy. I am more sensitive shaved and it is much easier to clean when I have my period. I placed a pillow on the bed where my butt would be and two pillows where my head would be. I placed my six foot standing mirror at the foot of the bed so that I could see myself with my new found friend. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I knew that I was going to find out. My heart was beating so fast with anticipation I could hardly breathe. The way I was breathing you would thing that I was in a foot race. After everything was in place I laid down in my 'playing' position. That's what I called it when I would think about playing with myself. My butt would be raised off the bed, my body was on the bed and my head and shoulders raised. This position gave me such a view of my pussy. I would lay in this position and slide my fingers in and out up and down my pussy. I would stimulate myself with one hand or both. I just enjoyed my times of self pleasure.

Today was different. I had something that I was curious about laying beside me on the bed. I picked it up and held it between my boobs. My pretty, perky, pink, B's as I called them. I followed the wire coming from the dong to the control box and twisted the button. It started to buzz slightly. The buzzing made my nipples get hard. I turned the button more and the buzzing became more intense. I rubbed it on my nipples from breast to breast. Sliding on my dry skin was not smooth and easy so I got some lotion that I had close and squirted it on my tits. They were becoming so sensitive by now and my pussy was throbbing like crazy. I could feel my vagina wetting itself. I could feel my labia relaxing and my love lips opening. My vaginal secretion was flowing freely as it came out of my pussy and went between the cheeks of my butt. I was glad I covered the pillow with a towel.

I spread more lotion to the top of my pelvis. I moved the dong up from my pelvis to my nipples, circling them and then back down to my pelvis. I couldn't tease any longer. I had to relieve myself. My build up was so intense. I had to hold the dong with two hands it was so big. I grabbed the lube that I took from my mother's room and squirted it liberally from my belly button to the lips of my pussy. I circled my pussy with the dong buzzing. It felt sooooooo good. I circled my pussy over and over. I was almost afraid that it was too big. Then I took a deep breath and held it in. I went from circling my pussy to parting my lips with it. The outer lips opened up and the head slid between them. Then the inner labia opened and the head slid between them. I could feel the huge size of what I was doing. It was huge. I tilted the dong toward the foot of the bed and slid the disappearing head up toward my clitty. My clit hood opened up and exposed my clitty to the slick shiny huge vibrating head. When the vibe touched my clit I came. I had a huge orgasm. I had not had one like that before. I let out a loud grunt. Oh yesssss Oh Yesssss Oh Yesssssss I kept saying over and over as I came again and again.

I wasn't done yet. I wanted more. I wanted to feel actual penetration. I had been fantasizing about it for so long and now was my chance. I couldn't stop here. I moved the dong to my hungry vagina and started to pull it in. The vibration felt soooooooo gooooooooood. The head disappeared completely. I could feel a huge build up inside. It was like a dam holding back a huge lake of water. I pulled on the dong and it wouldn't go any further. I started to move it in and out. In and out felt so good. I could feel a kind of stretching sensation. I pulled the dong out and squirted more lube between my labia until it ran down to the towel. I then teased my pussy again. I was determined to have penetration. I started to push the dong in again. It slid in to the same depth as before. Just a little deeper than the head. I turned up the vibration a little higher and placed both hands on the dong and pulled it in an inward motion. I started to move it in and out. I could feel the contours of the realistic head and the motion stimulated my vagina. The in and out motion felt sooooooooo gooooood. I could feel a slight pain. It was a pain of extreme pleasure. I moved it in and out faster and harder. I felt something give. The pain increased. The dong broke free and went all the way in until it stopped. I felt it reach the end of my vagina. I thought my pussy had EXPLODED. I had just had the most intense orgasm ever. I screamed EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. There was such a gush of my fluids that was a crimson color. My pussy was squirting fluid out of it as I pumped the dong in and out. With each motion I would cum. I pumped the dong in and out until I was exhausted and my pussy was sore. I took the dong out and rolled over onto my side. I curled up in to a fetal ball. When I finally stopped my pussy really hurt. I thought that I had hurt myself. I laid on the bed and got my senses about me. OMG that was so intense. What had I done. It was so painful but felt so good at the same time.

I had used up a good portion of the day and had to hurry and get cleaned up. First thing I did was clean up the dong and put it back where it was, I noticed that I had used up quite a bit of the lube. I hoped that it would go unnoticed. I then took a hot bath and that made me feel better. My pussy was still really sore. I let it rest for a few days after that. I had to hurry to finish my chores afterwards. Everything had to be done before mom got home. When she came home she was pleased with my work and we went to a restaurant for dinner. I was glad of that. There would be no clean-up after dinner. We had an enjoyable evening.

I will never forget that day I later learned that I had broken my hymen myself. After my pussy quit hurting me and the dong became the best of friends. That vibrating dong gives me such intense orgasms. I have yet to find anything better. Angela



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