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First Time for Solo

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First time in front of a girl


I had been jerking off for years and the first years of eroticism where I could just pull out my penis and get hard had long been gone. I had been dating for a couple years (late bloomer!) and had some limited experiences with sex. But it wasn't until a girlfriend asked if I would jerk off in front of her that I remembered how erotic it could be to play with myself.

I was in my mid-twenties and she had just turned 18, so she had also had limited experiences with sex. She would give me hand jobs which were excellent, but one time we were making out and she surprised me with an unusual request. 'Would you jerk off in front of me?'

I was so startled by this idea. Girls before her would give me hand jobs or we would have sex, but I never had a girl ask this before. 'But you've seen a guy come?' I asked, half question, half statement. 'Sure,' she said. 'I have made that happen, but I've never had a boyfriend who jerked himself off in front of me before. They are always too embarrassed.'

I have to admit I was embarrassed. A lot of times, sex was an in-the-dark, get the clothes off, and then do it. The idea of a girl scrutinizing my stroke seemed kind of shameful and exposing. My heart started to race, so of course I wanted to do it. 'Okay, I guess,' I said. She almost giggled and her hands were at my pants. She couldn't wait to help me get naked and watch me, so I was suddenly harder than a rock. All thoughts of being watched and ashamed went out of my head, probably with the blood that went elsewhere!

I had my underwear in a tangle around my ankles, when I lay back on my dorm bed. She got comfortable, sitting on the bed near my feet. 'Oh, can you grab me something?' I asked her. 'Sure' she said. I asked her for the skin lotion on my shelf. She watched as I squirted generous amounts all over my penis and started rubbing it up and down. 'That is a lot of lube,' she chuckled.

I couldn't believe it! I was stroking myself off in front of this girlfriend of mine. Her eyes would travel from my face, to my hand. I felt my hips pump up and down as I felt myself getting closer. This was too much. I knew I wouldn't last long. Her eyes spurred me on though. She would stare intently at my face and then lock eyes on my lotion covered dick. She began to pull on my balls, gently rub them and then tug on them.

Soon, it was too much. My hips climbed higher and higher in the air and I knew I was going to start to cum. I didn't say anything, but as she looked at my face, my mouth opened in an O, and my dick started twitching in my hand. Her eyes took in my orgasm, as three spurts of white splashed on my stomach. I had a couple more smaller oozing spasms that trailed down my throbbing penis. 'Wow, that was hot,' she said, in such a breathless way that made me almost hard again. 'You....,' She searched for the right word, 'jizzed all over yourself.'

I had covered my stomach and penis. I asked her for a towel and she watched as I wiped myself up. I had never had a sexual moment like that time before. We did this many times after, while she would spread her legs and rub furiously at her clit. We watched each other many a time while together.



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