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First Time for Audience

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I discovered masturbation, accidently, at about 12 years of age. As a healthy young boy, I was fascinated not only female naked bodies, but with the structures and pleasures of my own body. I was constantly trying to recreate the feeling in my groin when I would shinny up a tree or fence pole. I got in the habit of rubbing my penis between my thighs while I was sitting on the toilet. I would put my penis between my thighs, and then alternately raise and lower my legs in alternate fashion, producing an erection and a real nice feeling. Usually, I would stop moving my legs after I had achieved an erection, and just enjoy the feeling of the erection. One day, it was feeling so good, that I just kept rolling my hard penis between my thighs. In fact, it got so hard, I had to stuff it back between my legs when it popped up. All of a sudden, a real intense feeling came over me, and this thick white stuff came shooting out of my penis. I didn't know what had happened, but I sure did like the feeling.
I continued to masturbate in this manner for awhile, but eventually stumbled onto the technique of wrapping my hand around my erection and slidding it up and down until I came. This was an improvement because I didn't have to stop and shove it back between my legs all the time. I liked it so much, I was doing at least twice a day.
Shortly after discovering the joys of masturbation, I was spending the night at my friends home, something I did quite often(he had his own bedroom-I didn't). He lived next door to me, and we had grown up together. He was slightly younger than me, about 9 months, but was a bit taller. In the area where it counted though, penis size, I matured much earlier than him. By the time I was 12, I was able to achieve quite an erection, while his was still quite small.
To get to the story, we were in his room, listening to the radio, when we heard the bathtub being filled. The batroom was right under his room. The only person it could be was his mother, because his sister was gone for the weekend and his parents were divorced. He said, 'Quick, let's go watch.' At first I thought we were going to go down the stairs and outside to peek in the bathroom window, something we had done before(peeking in winows that is), but had never seen his mother naked. Instead, he quietly opened, and propped up his bedroom window, then slid out and onto the TV antenna tower, which went up the side of the house next to his window. I quickly followed him down to the level of the bathroom window.
We we in luck, the blinds were in just the right postition, by looking down, we could see most of the small bathroom. She was in the middle of the room, facing the window, just shedding her bra when we looked in. Dropping that into the hamper beside her, she then pushed down and stepped out of her panties. The sight of her in all of her glory, gave me an enormous erection. Her tits were just so nice and rounded, and she had quite a patch of brown pubic hair.
After watching her sit on the toilet, which was right under the window, and pee, we watched her get into the tub, with her back to the window, Pretty much ending the show. Rather than wait for her to finish her bath, which he said could take awhile, we quietly made our way back up the way we had come down.
Afew minutes later, in his room, we were talking about what we had seen and how it had gotten us excited. I all of a sudden got an idea and told him I had something to show him.
I quickly shed all my clothes and stood before him with my raging erection. I then grabbed ahold of it with my right hand and began to pump up and down rapidly. It was pretty exciting doing this for an audience. That was the first time that I stroked off that day, so when I climaxed, I produced a copious amount of cum, which spashed onto the floor. Apparently, he had not yet discoved masturbation, because he ask a bunch of questions about how it felt and what I had shot out of my penis. He seemed quite interested, but didn't do anything right away, although after we turned out the lights and went to bed, I could feel the bed shaking and knew what he we up to. The next morning he told me that it really felt good, but that he hadn't managed to squirt anything out of his penis; in fact it was quite a few months before he told me that he had finally produced cum.
In the next couple of years, we masturbated in front of each other quite a few times, but never touched each other. My friend was the first person in whose presence I had masturbated, but in the next few years there were a few more, although they were females. I'll have to write about them later.



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