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First Time -- Dry Sex

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Hey everyone! I posted up my most intense orgasm experience last month, and after reading a few other writer's contributions, I figured I'd put in my first time having dry sex. Sounds really boring, but it honestly did bring a few orgasms, and I enjoyed it very much. It was very intense.
It began on a night where there was a basketball game. Me and Caleb (my boyfriend at the time) had been going out for about 5 months by now, and were a very touchy-feely couple. We're both in band, and had been playing in the pep band for the basketball tournament. We got third quarter off to walk around and do whatever -- get snacks, visit with friends, and so on. Caleb and I took this opportunity to go and have some 'fun'. ;)
We stepped into the auditorium where there were a few of our friends, but they didn't see us slip behind the curtains and behind all the props that had recently been used for a play. I pushed Caleb against the wall and pushed myself against him while he slid his arms around my waist and let his hands explore my ass. I slid my arms around him as well and we began our normal passionate making out sessions. Only this time, we were in a very dark and private place. No one would find us back here and I think it was obvious to the both of us that we were both VERY horny.
Before I knew it Caleb was doing something near a wallsit (something you'd do at a basketball practice), and I was straddling his lap. We began to grind against each other in rhythm and kiss deeper, pulling each other closer, if it was at all possible. Eventually, the grinding got pretty intense and we broke our kisses to just hold each other, in Caleb's case, he was holding my ass tight and pulling me harder against him with each grinding movement that he did against me. I was very near orgasming, since I was focusing on rubbing my clit against anything stiff enough to stimulate it.
After awhile of our intense grinding, I felt the familiar feeling of orgasm take over my body and I became slower in my movements, holding in my moans, just breathing roughly. I held onto Caleb tightly as he picked me up and turned me against the wall so he could grind against me harder and more efficiently. This boy was nearing orgasm, I could tell, he was holding my ass hard, grinding faster and faster like there was no tomorrow, until finally he just grinded against me once, pulling my pussy down against him and holding it there. I was sure he was cumming his pants (he later told me that he did) and I heightened the pleasure for him by deeply kissing his neck.
We eventually let our hard grasps go and gave each other long and soft kisses until we realized that we were late for fourth quarter. hehe. We were both pretty much freaking out, since they take roll to see who's coming back on time and whatnot. We snuck into the game again safely, though. After the game, we walked hand in hand to the bandroom, and grinned at each other as we walked into the storage room of the band room. :)



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