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First Time Cyber

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This happened just last night. I got home from class and was bored, so instead of doing work, I decided to get on a free web cam site. My intention was just to chat with other people from other places, but what happened was very different.

I was going through people rather quickly, seeing several naked people (and one couple having sex) but that didn't interest me so much. After about a half an hour, I finally reached someone from the UK. He said he was about 25 and looked muscular. He said he went to the gym. He asked me what the plan was. I asked him what he was looking for. He told me 'fun' as he showed my his six inch soft uncut dick. I am a straight guy (with some curiosities) but this turned me on quite a bit, that another straight guy (he has a girlfriend) would so quickly and openly show me his dick.

Before I know it, we're jacking off for each other on camera. I have never wanked with another guy before (except just exploring when I was little with a friend down the street) so this was a new experience for me. It was so thrilling. We both agreed we wanted it to last a while. So while we're casually stroking, we ask questions to get to know each other. I asked if he'd done this before and he said no, I told him it was my first time as well. He said he was really happy that he could help get me off. That sent me reeling. I asked him what his girlfriend would do if she caught him, he said that she would kill him. Haha.

After we'd been going for about 25 minutes. I went to get something to drink from across the room. I moved the camera and it happened to show him the bottle of lotion I had laying on my bed. He told me to use it on myself. He told me he loved to use lube, but didn't have any. As I lathered my seven inch hard dick in the lotion, I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I told him this and he said he was still having some trouble getting fully erect. I told him how I usually did it. To my amazement he started copying my technique on camera. I stroke calmly with one hand. With the other I rub the head slowly and alternate giving my balls a tug. He was fully erect in a few minutes and jacking in full swing.

He asked me to give him a close up of my balls, so I did. I am unshaven and he said he wanted to see a hairy set. He then showed me his. They were much larger than mine and clean shaven. I told him to keep them in view and play with them while I was stroking. He moved the camera to show me everything and took off his boxers which he had been stroking through the whole time. Now we're both naked and I see the precum oozing from the tip of his head. I told him to show it to me, and he took his fingers and touched them to the tip then put them up to the camera and showed me all the sticky wetness.

He said we were going to cum, and I told him that I could go at anytime. We agreed to go together. I moved the camera in order to give him a better shot of my load. I came about 15 seconds after this, the biggest load I have ever shot. It was awesome. He asked if I had cum and I said I had. He said 'shit! I missed it.' and needed to catch up. He asked me to show him my cum, so I moved the camera closer and showed him my chest and stomach which were drenched. He asked me to taste it, but I said I didn't want to because I don't like the taste, and he agreed it was gross. He asked me if I thought about his dick while I came. I confessed I had. He told me to tell him about it while he stroked.

I told him that I was thinking about his big uncut English dick. 'Yeah...and...' I told him I was thinking about his low-hanging hairless balls while I stroked myself off. 'Yeah...and...' I told him I wondered if he was thinking about me too. 'Yeah...and...' I told him that I wondered what would happen if this were going on in person, instead of online. 'Yeah...and...' I told him that I would take his cock in my hand and help him finish since he was so close. 'Yeah...and...' I told him that I hoped he would do the same for me. 'Yeah...and...' I told him that this was the best time masturbating I've ever had, and that I was hard and ready to go again. With that he shot his huge load all over his stomach and chest. He came for a good 30 seconds or more. He held on to his dick for a long time afterwards, and rubbed his cum into his skin.

We both went to go clean off and when I came back I put a pair of boxers on. He asked why I was covering myself, that I should be confident and comfortable naked. So I took them off. He asked me how I felt. I told him I felt great, and that was a lot of fun. He agreed that we should do it again sometime. We exchanged contact info and continued to talk naked for the better part of an hour and a half. Hopefully this will occur again, because it's so exciting and freeing to be completely naked and vulnerable with someone you don't know at all. We both know where our orientations lay, but this is just a way to connect and bond with someone like none other, a very unique way of befriending others.

Happy Orgasms!!

P.S. I just shot another huge load, just reading my own story. Hope you do the same.



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