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First Time Comparing With a Friend

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True story soon after I turned 15 and the first time masturbating with another male when a friend stayed overnight


I had known Matt since early childhood and we would hang out when he stayed with his grandparents a few houses down from mine till around age twelve when we moved away. I would run into him sometimes over the next few years and he had by then moved to the same town as me and after we exchanged numbers would talk on the phone quite a bit and being that age (he was 15 also) we were curious of anything to do with sex and of course our own developing bodies and a few times while on the phone I remember getting pretty horny and could tell he was too.

I asked him to sleep over at my place sometime so we could hang out all night and do whatever not really thinking anything sexual would happen but was nervous and wondered anyway and how I would feel about it. I was curious though about other boys my age and never seen anyone really to compare myself to but by then was jerking off alot and the thought of seeing another males dick turned me on. So Matt came to stay over on a weekend night and we hung out in my room and eventually it got late, my parents went to bed and we watched tv for a while and were going to sleep soon.

He was to sleep on the floor and was lying on some cushions and blankets and told me he usually sleeps nude but would keep his boxers on tonight and jokes he don't want me to think he's gay haha. I was lying on my bed and we could both see the tv were we were and he asked me if I had any porn we could watch and said he was feeling horny. Knowing where this was leading I was getting pretty excited. I told him I didn't but found a cable channel showing late night softcore and had a raging boner by now.

I'm on the bed still clothed and so horny and I'm sure we were both nervous. He's now in just boxers on the blanket bed and I look over and see he is rubbing himself over his shorts and tells me he has a boner. Then Matt asks 'Brian, is it ok if I just jerk off? I don't want you to think I'm gay or anything though and it's your house'.

'Go ahead if you really want to, I don't care' I told Matt playing cool. From where he was down by the foot of the bed on the floor he couldn't really see me like I could him and I did have some lights on so it wasn't dark. He joked 'You are probably hard and jerking off anyway aren't you?'

'Well watching these naked chicks on tv, yeah I have a boner!' I moved my blanket down and took my dick out and started stroking but he couldn't see anything. I could see him full body and I knew my fantasy was coming true and was about to see his hard dick and he would get to see mine and soon he had his boxers down and his cock in hand.

The sight alone was almost too much for my throbbing cock but I held back. I am looking at my friends cock now while I stroke mine and not right up close but I could see that he was circumcised like me and it looked much like mine from what I could tell. He's holding it and says 'damn I need to trim my pubes again soon haha.. Do you have pubes yet Brian? I bet you don't huh, or probably more then me haha! I hadn't started puberty too long ago but had some hair, looked about the same amount that he had. He couldn't see too much from his spot on the floor and I was so turned on by the thought of him seeing my dick I had to give him a better look..

'Well yeah I have pubes! Here I'll show you' I said. The floor lamp I had on at the foot of the bed so I made my way toward it on my knees as he got up off the floor to look. 'See I have pubes' I said holding my rock hard dick under the light and we now had both our cocks for each other to see close up. I could now for the first time see my dick compared to another and was afraid I was not developed enough for my age. I had measured it sometimes when jerking, noticing slow growth in size but didn't know how I compared with others my age. Now up close I could see our cocks were not quite the same like I thought. I had a bigger head more of a curve and a little longer and thicker.

'Damn Brain, you have a big dick!' Matt says looking at my erection. 'It's not that big!' I said. 'Yeah right, alot bigger then mine is, I'm a little over five inches, I measured it before. Did you ever measure yours?' Matt asked while we both jerked off and compared our dicks.

'Last time I checked, I think I was around six inches' I told him. I reached over and grabbed a ruler from my desk, we were both so horny now the precum was leaking from us and I wanted to see him measure his hard dick. He placed the ruler on top of his dick and I could see he was just over five inches then he handed the ruler to me and I did the same and was surprised to see the tip was right at six and a half inches!

'Damn, you're a porn star!' he said. I told him it must have grown some. And it's grown more since then too! We were both worked up and close so we lay back down and watch each other and after comparing sizes, which I couldn't believe just happened, watching me stroke he said 'Man, I wish mine was that big.. I'm going to cum'. That sent me over the edge when he said that and I watched his hips raise and then a small squirt of cum straight up, high in the air followed by several thick shots on his chest and stomach while he watched me have the most powerful orgasm I ever had at that point in my life and I hadn't thought I could cum that much like him but it was pumping out all over my body and down my hand and cock! we made a mess of ourselves. Then we cleaned up and went to sleep and it never happened again with him but that first time you never forget. Thanks for reading!



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