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First time being jerked off

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My cousin and I were close, but never this close


About 2 years ago is when this story took place, I was 17 at the time whilst my cousin was maybe 4 years younger than me, around 13 or 14

Both my cousins and I (the 14 year old and his brother, the same age as me) were quite close and enjoyed each others company, we stayed over each others houses on a regular basis, me more so staying at theirs.

One particular afternoon we had organized for us to catch up and that I would sleep at their house for the night, seeing as me and the younger cousin had already had some prior jerking sessions I was looking forward to this.

I arrived at their house and greeted both, the younger cousin with a smile on his face as if we both knew what was going to happen tonight, we did, but not as far as I thought.

It was around 9pm and we began playing some games and relaxing, what a usual boys sleep over was like. I was lying on the bed with my cousin in front of me, both parallel to the laptop, on which we were surfing the net on.

As my cousin went to type in an address I could see the history which was full of porn sites, we both laughed and continued at what we were doing, I begun to get a semi hard on, my cousin looked over his shoulder behind me and as he was lying right next to me, began to rub his hips against my cock, I almost came right there and then, but we kept it under wraps until later on.

It was around 4am and my older cousin had passed out asleep on his bed right next to us.

I decided I was going to hop into bed, sleeping with my head at the bottom of the bed, my cousin on the other end.

We were both mucking around playing footsies until my cousin accidentally grabbed my cock, I was on a semi and he asked "you got a boner?" And answered with a yes, we were both experienced in jacking off together and loved the feeling of watching each other jack off, but that's as far as we had gone to that point.

My cousin then pulled out his laptop and asked if I wanted to watch some porn, I of course went along and said yes, after about 30 mins I saw my cousin put his hands down his pants to readjust his cock as it was probably on a raging boner, it was a hot night so we both only had boxers on and a silk sheet over us, so it wasn't too hard to see what he was doing.

After watching the porn he suddenly pulls the sheets down and pulls out his cock, 6 inches of uncut cock, it turned me on as he begun to jerk it, what happened next shocked me.

As he was wanking, he saw the outline of my 7 inch uncut cock in my boxers and grabbed it, I loved it and almost exploded right there and then, he then asked me "want me to jerk you off?" Totally in shock I obliged and said yes, he then returned with "you have to do me too" I said of course.

My younger cousin, with a Cock nearly as big as mine was jerking me off and I loved it. As he was lying with head around my abdomen, he was watching very closely how I reacted to each stroke, I had my eyes closed and all of a sudden, I felt his mouth wrap around my cock, I had never felt like that in my life, in pure ecstasy, about to explode my cum everywhere, I managed to hold back and then he told me, your turn.

I obliged and wrapped my hand around his cock, quite long and almost thicker than my cock, his foreskin completely covered his cock head. I began to stroke and it felt amazing holding another cock, he was about to cum and told me to slow down so I held back a little.

After about 2 minutes of slow jerking him, he began to spread his legs like a V shape, he then said "wanna suck it?". A little worried as I thought it was a little too much as we were both straight, I waited momentarily for a second and then thought, why not he did it for me.

So I put my head right where his cock was and began to suck it, wrapping my lips around his cock, licking it up and down, I held his shaft while I tickled his balls with my tongue.

I then asked if he was down to do a 69 position so we could both get off at the same time and he said yes.

So there it was, my cousin lying on top of me with his cock on my mouth, and my cock in his, I could feel everything from his lips around my cock head to his tongue running up and down the bottom of my shaft.

I told him I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, he persisted on having me cum in his.

So we repositioned ourselves so that only he was sucking my cock, while he was sucking my cock I felt him move, get up on his knees and then he started to jerk his cock, I saw his balls tighten and he shot about 3 strings of cum over my stomach, he then went back to sucking mine, seeing this sent me over the edge and I shot about 6 strings of cum right into his mouth, I almost passed out from the euphoria I was feeling.

We both collapsed and got ourselves cleaned up, shocked at what had happened but feeling so good, and eventually fell asleep and acted like nothing had happened the next day, these experiences only made our friendship stronger and the sessions didn't stop there.

Would like to hear feedback on this story and any other comments, and maybe, just maybe will write a story about our session in the shower.



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