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First Time at the Nightclub

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Now a regular occurence, this was the first time...


So this happened a little over a year ago, on my 35th birthday weekend. Me and two of my girlfriends were going out for drinks, then on to a club afterwards. They don't know that it was sort of pre-arranged, and to this day think they are being discreet by keeping what I get up to, to themselves when we go out.

My husband has a long standing fantasy about me giving a handjob to any one of about five of his buddies, and while that's ok as a fantasy, I never really wanted to do it. Not because of what it is, but because I know their wives, and the single ones it'd be awkward, for me anyway.

Now, when I've had a few drinks, I get horny, and this night a year ago I was exactly the same, with one guy in particular who kept dancing with me. He was 22 and pretty good looking, and while I'm a good 36 (35 then), it's still a nice ego boost to get a handsome younger man obviously trying his luck with you.

A slow record came on as we were dancing, so we ended up closer together, and sure enough I could feel his semi-erection pressing against my thigh. We'd been chatting/flirting anyway, and to this day I don't know why (though I'm glad I did!) I said 'You've got no chance of getting a fuck, I'm married, but if you're up for it you can have a wank outside'.

Like I say I was drunk and horny, and knew my husband liked at least the idea of me wanking another man's cock. Needless to say, the guy in the club was up for it, so I told him I'd meet him outside, I just needed to use the ladies. I went in and sent my husband a text: 'pulled a bloke in club, want me to wank him?'

About 20 seconds later I got a reply: 'seriously?', so I texted back 'yes. want me to or not?', to which I got a 'yes! tell me when you get home'. So off I went outside, we found a secluded (ok, quiet) spot around the corner, and at about 3am close to a nightclub in the next town to me, I gave a somewhat drunken, but enthusiastic wank to what turned out to be a nicely long and thick circumcised 22 year old cock! It took about four or five minutes of stroking him before he shot his cum, a couple of decent spurts that went straight onto the floor, with the last few drops going onto my hand, which I rubbed in with my other hand until it was gone and absorbed into my hands.

He lit a cigarette and I stood there and chatted with him while he smoked it, he was saying how it'd be good to see me again one week, I told him not to bank on it, reminding him I was married etc. He finished smoking, we went back inside, I found my friends and we carried on in the club until 4am shutting time, where I got a cab home to find my husband wide awake and very keen to hear what had happened.

After saying yet again that yes, it was true, I gave a guy in a club a wank outside, I told my husband what I've just written here, while I played with HIS cock, and I have to say it was rock hard the whole way through, and it didn't take much jerking before he was cumming like I'd never seen him cum before, it went everywhere!

I have gotten a bit more daring since with what I get up to in clubs, all with my husbands permission, and all only involving me giving a handjob, so if there's any interest I'll post more of what my husband calls 'stroke a stranger Fridays' lol



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