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First Time at Summer Camp

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I am sort of bi, but I have only had one encounter. It was in camp when I was 14.

It was the last year I could take camp, and I had been going to this camp since I was eight. When I was 14, I was going through this awkward phase; my hair was green, I wore paint-splattered clothes a lot, and I considered myself a tortured and misunderstood artist. I didn't have a lot of friends in camp that year because it was filled with mostly new people. I did make one friend, and that was Misty.

Misty was from New York City, and I thought that was so exotic. She wore a lot of black. Her cute round face was framed by a pixie haircut of raven-black hair and she had a nose ring, which in the mid 1990s, was still kind of far out. She didn't fit in either, and although she blew me off for a while at first, soon we became great friends. The counselors there were happy we had 'found' each other, and soon she began to open up to me. I have to admit, at the time, her tastes were really 'out there' for me, but I acted like I had heard it all before. She confessed to me she wanted to dress like a man when she turned 18.

At 'First Campfire', we had the usual sing-along, and Misty was really friendly towards me. She kept touching me, leaning on me, and draping her arms around me from behind while I was sitting. She started to sing in this beautiful haunting voice that was like a sigh, and she sang very quietly next to my ear. It was really getting me turned on! I think it was also the excitement of being with people, turned on in secret, plus the conflicts of being turned on by a girl! Soon, I was hotter and wetter than a bog, and when they broke up for lights out, I immediately headed for the toilets so I could rub off. But although I came pretty quickly, I felt unsatisfied, which was really weird for me. I wasn't able to sleep that night, and I couldn't masturbate in my bunk, because the bed squeaked and rocked so readily. I had so many mixed feelings.

The next day, we headed out for canoing. Camp was on a lake, but the weather had been really dry that year, so we had to drive about 30 miles down to a riverbank. It was hot, muggy, muddy and mosquitoes were everywhere. They had all worn our bathing suits and shorts and tied up our hair in ponytails to keep cool. Once we got out to the water, though, it got a lot better.

Misty was at the bow, and I was at the stern. She had never canoed before, so I taught her how. Since several camps came to the river, there were canoe traffic jams that day, and a lot of the time, we didn't canoe as much, as paddle to stay in place to let some other camp go by.

I spent some time staring at Misty's back through her one-piece. It didn't fit her well, and you could see the folds that led around to her breasts. In the haze of the summer, I suddenly felt this desire to dip my hands in the cool water, reach into her suit, and grasp her breasts in my hands from behind. Then I would kiss her neck, and ... I started to get really horny thinking about it. We had an extra oar on the canoe seats, and both of us were straddling it, and my pussy started to want to grind up against it.

Then Misty started talking about how she used to skinny dip, and how she loved swimming naked. I was really getting turned on, I wanted her to stop! Or maybe I didn't, but she kept going on about how free the water felt between her legs, and I swore I was going to burst. Our canoe had a small leak, and so every few minutes, I had to scoop out water, and when I did, I'd get really close to her bare legs and feet, and they looked so sexy. Then she started talking about masturbation, and when I didn't say anything, she turned around and asked me if I did.

I was stunned, but I reflexively said, 'No.'

'Too bad!' she said.

Whenever we were out of earshot of other people, she'd talk about sex and how she could 'give and receive' very well, because she had an older sister who taught her everything. I was really wet and horny by the time we got down to an area where the river bends. Misty saw some smaller girl scouts stuck in a muddy bank, and she said she liked how mud felt on her body, and wished she was stuck on this hot day.

Before we reached out ending point, she asked if I wanted masturbation lessons. Just like that, right out of the blue. 'A girl's got the right to know how to pleasure herself,' and she pushed back on the oar between our legs. It didn't rub me the way I wanted to, but I got the hint.

'Okay,' was all I could say. I felt flushed and my heartbeat was filling my ears.

The next day, we were supposed to take a hike out in the woods, but Misty 'twisted her ankle' and I was an asthmatic, and was automatically opted out. We were left behind to keep each other company, but they left two counselors with us for safety. Well, by the afternoon, one of them left to 'run an errand' (probably get beer from a nearby town), and the other fell asleep in a chaise lounge by the main cabin.

Misty said we should go swimming. The pool had been crowded all week, but now it was just us, and so we snuck in. We got caught right away, but Misty said it made her ankle feel better, so the girl allowed us, and she went back to her chaise lounge, leaving us all alone. Misty started to sing, and play with the water with her hands. 'Now what?' I asked. 'My swimsuit itches,' she said, and stripped it right off.

I was terrified at first that we'd get caught, but then that excited me even more. So I took mine off, and it felt great! We swam naked for a while, but then clouds came, and it looked like rain. So we got dressed again, and just as we came out of the pool, it began to thunder. The counselor came by to tell us to get out, and we said we'd be in our cabin. She said, 'Okay,' and that was that.

Misty led me excitedly by my hand to her cabin. She asked me to lock the door, which I did. Then she told me to slowly undress in front of her. I was so excited, I was trembling. I mean, we were still wet from the pool, but now I was wet between the legs for an entirely different reason. Then she told me to undress her, and when I saw her ample bosom, I started to lick the pool water off her nipples. She sighed, and made that kind of noise you do when you stretch really well. She told me to lie down on the lower bunk, and then she pulled out a vibrating toothbrush.

Slowly she moved the toothbrush around my body, and I played like I was totally innocent, like she really was teaching me. I thought it would turn her on. 'Oooh... that feels good... my hips feel funny... oh my... where are you putting tha... oh, Misty, is this right? It feels so good...'

I had learned this from those 'Hot Talk' magazines my older brother had, and I laid it on thick. Misty loved it, though, and so she whispered into my ear, 'Where do you want the toothbrush to go next?' This was so sexy, that literally, I came right as she said it. My moans and gasps were drowned out by the rain hitting the tin roof.

'Now do me,' she said. 'But tie me up. Use my long socks in my gym bag, and tie my hands to this support, and my feet to this one.' I was hesitant at first, but she said it turned her on to restrain herself. I had never done anything like this before, but as I lazily dragged the vibrating brush across her body, she moaned, squirmed, and strained. Her hands twisted, her toes curled, and she gritted her teeth, said how good it felt, and I got hot all over again watching her body move and twist in the restraints. She did slip out a lot, but I'd tie her back up, and take the advantage of straddling over her so she could kiss my body. Then she told me to rub myself while she came, and we both came together while she watched and I rubbed her clit.

It was sensational. I have never had sex like that since. I still get off thinking about it, and I got off twice just now, writing it.

I love this site!



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