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First Time and I Got Caught

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Heck of a thing to have happen the first time I did this to a boy.


I'm now 32 but when this happened I was 16. I had just started dating and going out with boys alone. I was on my third or fourth date this night with David. David and I were getting pretty serious with each other as kids our age will sometimes do.

On this date, we were all over each other all evening. Constantly hugging each other and kissing each other. It was a little after 11 and I had to be home by midnight or else. David was driving me home and I was almost in his lap kissing on him. Before he got to my house, he pulled into this little park alongside a river near my house. We parked and started making out.

Next thing I knew, David had me down on my back in that front seat of his dad's car and he was on top of me. We ended up with one of my legs between his legs and David ended up pressing himself against it and 'humping' my leg. I could easily feel his hard penis rubbing against my thigh. My skirt was up. He was deeply kissing me as this went on. David then came up from the kiss telling me 'please Patty. I can't stand it any longer. Please'. I asked him what he wanted me to do. He said 'oh, please jack me off or something. I've got to cum. I can't take it'. I again asked him 'what can I do'? I'd never done anything like this to a boy. David reached down and started undoing his pants. He got them down and in the soft light I could make out his big erect penis. He said 'please make me cum'.

He took my hand and put it on his hard penis. It felt so hard. He showed me with his hand how to stroke it. I had my hand around it working it when I felt his hands behind my legs pulling me up and then his hands were up inside my panties cupping my butt. His head was back and he was humping his hips over me and saying 'please don't stop. Oh, you feel so good. I'm going to cum! Don't stop! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' and I felt his penis contract and expand and saw this stuff shoot out from it and all over me! I wasn't expecting anything like this. All over my dress. It was real thick and white. David slowly came down from it and laid on top of me catching his breath and thanking me. He then raised up and sat back behind the steering wheel. I raised up and looked at my dress. I was covered with his stuff and had to be home in just a few minutes.

We headed to my house and I went to my front door just praying mom and dad were in there bedroom listening for my return home. I went in the front door holding my breath. And, there she was. Mom! Sitting in the living room watching TV. She saw me and said 'Hi Hon. Did you have__'. She saw it and jumped up from her chair walking towards me. 'What's that on your dress. I sure hope it isn't what I think it is'! It was fresh and she felt it in her finger tips. She looked at me with fire in her eyes. She then said 'you didn't'!

I just stood there knowing it was useless to lie. Mom very well knew what cum was and what it looked like. She was a married woman and no telling what all she did in her youth with boys. She then said 'well, at least it is on you and not IN you! I'll talk to you in the morning, young lady'. We both headed to bed and the next day mom and I had some serious talks about the 'birds and the bees'. And, above all, about that stuff I came home covered with and that thing that put it there.



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