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First Time.

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My first ejaculation


I was an avid reader and was allowed to take books out of the Adults section of the library. In those days (1940s) adult simply meant grown-up and had no relation to the XXX meaning of today. Never-the-less there were some pretty risque books, such as the "Topper" series by Thorne Smith, which had some arousing pictures and descriptions. So I knew a good bit about sexual matters. There were no "Playboy" or "Hustler" type magazines available then either. However, some magazines like "True Detective" had some enticing pictures of female crime victims and of course there was "National Geographic."

One summer day two friends and I were fishing from the bank of the river a mile or so from home when we heard a funny sound from behind us. To our surprise we saw a naked old man strolling across the pasture a few hundred feet away from us. He was stroking his penis and muttering to himself. As he moved away from us, my friends seemed afraid and lost all interest in fishing. So we left for home. I didn't tell my parents as I wanted to be able to go back fishing without an adult whenever I pleased. I got to thinking about that old man that night and thought it might be interesting to see him again, so I went back by myself the next morning. I waited for quite a while, but he never showed up. So, I decided to go to a wooded area where I liked to play and where I had hidden a "True Detective" magazine I'd found.

I sat on a log in a small sunny clearing and began paging through my magazine and soon I was aroused and decided to take my shorts and shirt off and walk around naked to see how that felt. I saw some rather tall ferns and walked through them, letting the fronds caress my genitals. Then I went back to the log and picked up the magazine and began stroking my little cock as I looked at the erotic pictures, I was really enjoying the feelings generated in my groin when all of a sudden I felt spasms and white stuff shot out of my penis. I was mortified, scared I'd broken something, and quickly pulled on my shorts and shirt to head for home.

By the time I got home, I had vowed to never do this again and I realized this was not a story to tell my mom. So I took out the medical encyclopedia and without too much trouble found the answer to my situation--I had my first climax! I slept easy and well that night.

The next day found me back in the woods again as did most every day that summer. Too this day, 67 years later, I still enjoy going out into nature, naked, and stroking--and, even more enjoyable is being caught in the act by an interested voyeur.......



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