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First Time

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How it all started....the first self-induced orgasm--of thousands!


I have always had a prurient fascination with the moment when "innocence" is lost...that sacred moment when ordinary people, male and female, experience the first orgasm of their lives. Here I share my story in the hope that you will share yours:

I have an older brother--two years older. When he was about 15, he had discovered (or had been taught about) masturbation somehow, and felt he had to tell me about it and show me. He lured me to our "hobby room" in the basement. He pulled down his jeans, stroked his 15 year old cock a little while, and out came some white stuff. He called it sperm. I remember the smell. I remember being intrigued.

My parents had divorced. After school one afternoon, I rode my bicycle to my father's apartment. The apartment was small and untidy, but nearby at least. While he was preparing our dinner, I excused myself to his restroom.

I noticed a copy of my Dad's Opera News magazine on the toilet tank lid. My father was a classical musician, and he kept a number of music themed magazines in there for the times his then 48 year old bowels were not cooperative. However, I found myself drawn to a feature story about a new diva opera singer in Milan. There were several photographs of her: Long black dress, her hair in a bun, and the portrait betrayed cleavage Sophia Loren would envy.

Upon seeing the images of this lovely woman, my cock stiffened. At once I remembered what my older brother had demonstrated. I took it in hand and attempted to imitate what my brother had done. It didn't take long for things to feel good....really good! I didn't want to stop. I held the Opera News magazine in one hand, and jerked myself with the other. I liked this very much.

Then...all of a sudden....muscle contractions below my belly, in my guts, around my anus...and the muscles in my toes...contracted too....and then...UUhhh..! Out spurted my own white sperm! The magazine, my left leg, both ankles, and my shoes were now splattered with my sperm.

My state of mind changed from that moment forward. I no longer felt like a young boy. I felt like the world was different for MY WHOLE LIFE had just changed. Girls now seemed more necessary, more important, yet I was still completely unable to understand how I might be able to share my new understanding of sperm generation with one. How could I overcome my shyness, fear, church-inspired guilt, and concern about pregnancy? Big questions for my young mind!

Like many who discover the sublime sensations generated through masturbation, I continue to masturbate every time the opportunity presents itself. My Dad's Opera News magazine was replaced by Playboy magazines I "borrowed" from my brother's various stashes. I was astounded (and very aroused) by the harder stuff I saw in his Hustler, Penthouse, Oui, and Velvet magazines I "found" during those early years. I later purchased my own magazines at liquor stores in my teens. I would work very hard to keep my stash hidden from my mom. To my knowledge, she never found my main stash, though she did nab a forgotten Playboy once. I was confronted, but not punished.

1993 brought my first Internet account, and while in a chat room, some kind soul there directed me to newsgroups. The early net did not have all the commercial stuff we have online now, but newsgroups provided thousands of adult images for free. My 14.4k modem was slow, but I always found what I was seeking! As you are likely aware, masturbators now have much greater access to the kind of stimulation they seek.

While I have fathered a family, and have enjoyed married life, I must admit that masturbation continues to be a major, if not primary, element of my sexuality. I still masturbate when the opportunity presents itself, enjoy porn, and consider myself very, very lucky to have discovered a way to make myself feel so wonderful.



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