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First Time

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By fifth grade I was starting to go crazy. I would fake being sick and stay home from school just so I could have some alone time. I would look at catalogues and medical books while humping furniture. I still had no clue what I was doing but I knew I couldn't stop. Finally that summer before sixth grade I saw a somewhat explict movie on cable. I stayed up late watching it and it clicked. all the stories on the school bus, my horniness, the medical texts and that movie put it all in focus for me. by the end of them good scenes in that movie I made quite a little wet spot on my sheets from the precum drooling out of my little cock. the next afternoon I was home alone and I was about to explode. I went in my mom's bathroom and got some of her hand lotion and took it back to my bathroom for some reason. I had my trusty clothing catalogue out and turned to the lingerie section....all lace, garters and hose. I squirted way too much lotion in my hand so I ended up just rubing all over my balls as well as my dick. I was so hard I thought I injure myself. I started rubbing experimenting with different techniques but it wasn't long before something started to happen. a heat was building. it was better than anything I had ever experienced to that point. right as I was about tip past the point of no return, I felt like I was going to pee. I kind of panicked and ran to the toilet but nothing happened. so I screwed up my courage and started rubbing my dick again. this time it didn't take long to feel the 'pee' rising but I just kept going and the most rediculoius orgasm I have ever experience racked my body. the culmination of years of fruitless rubbing and humping came flying out in a small little jet of of cum. my joy didn't last long, because like a lot of guys I thought I had just done something bad. was that supposed to happen. did I break something in my exhuberence. by god it felt good but I felt it was wrong. then I starting freaking out. what if my parents could tell what I had done. would there be some outward sign even after I had cleaned up the evidence.

well my worries about what happened kept me from trying it for almost 24 hours. the next afternoon I gave it another try and this time I decided that it was a good thing, as long as I didnt get caught. after that moment it was a non-stop jack fest that has only slight abated in ensuing 24 years. that school year I tried everything, I could think of...different lubes, little games of how many times in a day I could get off (12 was my personal best), and then how differnent places could I leave my mark. no place was safe not even the church or my grandfathers shed.

to this day I still flog the monkey and while it is still great, it not like the those heady first few months when I was but a lad.



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