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First Time

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This happened a few months ago and wow, I can't stop.


A few months ago, I had to go to this conference in Vegas. The company I worked for put us in a nice hotel on the strip. It was one of those fantasy ones, at the north end. Well our conference was in this building, a virtual co-worker wasn't certain if she could get a room. So we agreed that we can share a room it had two queens no big deal. We got to our rooms and chit chatted for a bit, I got dressed and headed out. That night I came back, and my roommate, Liz (not real name) was already in bed. I got into my bed and I heard like a wet noise. I wasn't sure what it was then I could hear deep breathing and a little movement. A few minutes later, I saw her get up in just her panties and go to the bathroom and come back to bed. All I could think about was she probably masturbated.

The next day we were in meetings, and I was able to get to my room first. I was in the shower and figured what the heck, I slid my hand down, sat down on the edge and proceeded to rub my pussy. I got so worked up into it, I didn't hear her open the door, nor do I realize how long she had been standing there. Liz apologized and went back to our room. I finished off and went out there, I was only in my towel. I told her that it was no big deal, but she could have knocked and then I told her that I love masturbating and that I didn't think she was weird.

That night I ordered in, she did as well. We were watching some TV. shows and I went to bed early. I woke up later that night to see the curtain open and some light coming in. Windows were tinted thank god, but I saw my roommate with just her shirt on, blankets around her ankles and her butt in the air, as she was finger banging herself. She was really into it making these little noises and moaning as quietly as she could. I watched her and could see and hear how wet she was. I kept watching her, and then I slid my hand into my panties and started to rub myself. I then watched her slide her fingers into her pussy and her right hand just to rub her nub.

I got so turned on I shifted around on the bed and she heard me. She heard me and told me 'come on, I know I am not the only one here.' So, I threw the blanket off and proceeded to watch her as she watched me. I kept rubbing my clit, I could feel my juices flowing out and I could feel it running down my rear. I then heard her moaning and telling me she was going to cum, and when she did I saw her legs straighten real quick and then she closed them fast. I was still going, and then she turned on the lights, saying that since I got to watch her she can watch me.

She sat at the edge of my bed watching me and then she moved down so she could get a better look at my cunt. I felt myself getting tingly down there and I told her I am close, then she asked if she could touch my cunt, I didn't get a chance to answer she slid her finger inside my pussy lips. I felt more pussy juice come out and she told me I had more juice coming out then I felt her slide her finger in. I felt her slide her finger in and then out and I came hard.

She then moved herself closer to me and took my fingers and asked if I would rub her, so I did, she was still wet and I was rubbing her clit, and she told me she was going to cum again. She started to rub my boobs while I rubbed her clit and then I started to work my fingers in her and she started telling me what a dirty bitch I was, how I must love her pussy, how her pussy couldn't wait to come for me. Instead of being freaked out I was turned on. She came again.

We stayed the whole day in that room until our next group of meetings. The things we did, are either for a later time, or different place because it was wild. So now I am thinking I have to be bi-sexual, and yes we have kept in touch.



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