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First Time

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I went for my first ever camp with my track and field team during the school holidays and boy did it change my life.

After a grueling first day of training, us first years all grabbed our things and headed for the showers. This was the very first time I was going to be naked around other people and I was scared. By the looks of some of the others, I knew I was not alone.

In the changing room, we all stripped off our clothes, but hesitated when it came to taking off our briefs. We all just stared at each other waiting for someone to make a first move. That is, until our team captain showed up. He appeared dressed in only his towel holding his own toiletries. He had probably missed the senior shower time because he had to meet the teacher in charge. I was kind of amazed he had dared to walk from the senior bunk to the showers in only a towel, but that was only because I did not know of what was yet to come.

'Whats the hold up?' he raised an eyebrow as he witnessed the strange scene of a bunch of teenagers standing as still as statues in their tighty whities. He must have guessed what was happening when he sighed and said, 'Ok, as team captain, I'm going to make a few rules about how communal showers work. First: No laughing or teasing. Second: No towel whipping. Third: On the count of three, every drop their undies and NO covering! Ok. One... Two... THREE!' He flipped off his towel as we all dropped our underwear. Some of us reached for our toiletries, but were motioned to stop by the captain.

'Ok, now everyone stand at attention and I'm going to call you out all one by one. Your going to state your name, your dick size and all your sexual experiences. I'll go first. As you all know, I'm John Tan, 7 and 1/2 inches erect, and I've masturbated with my girlfriend and 2 of the other seniors. Now your turn.' He motioned to the first boy in line.

It was awkward at first, but as the flow kept going, we became more and more comfortable. The stories became increasingly more detailed and some of the previous storytellers asked if they could go again. By the time we were finished, we were all sporting boners. Our captain grinned,'Good stories. Seems like we only got men here! Excellent. Now I suppose you all want to take care of those.' He grabbed his own boner and gave it a couple of tugs. 'Don't be shy, we all know each others secrets.'

After sharing our sexuality with everyone else, a group wank seemed oddly normal. Moans started coming from all sides until one by one we started exploding our manseed all over our bodies. That was the hottest day of my life.



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