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First Time

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I still can't believe it was in a park!


Last Friday, I went over to my girlfriend's for White Day and our three month anniversary, right? At first we just pretty much lounged around in the basement and watched the L Word(which is really something EVERYONE should watch). Already then I was feeling her up; a hand up her shirt and the other one wedged between her legs.

Did I say I'm a virgin and I don't have a clue what I'm doing at that point? Well yeah.

So then her parents came home, and they don't really like seeing us TOO close. But then the pizza arrived so we ate and all that really not important crap. So, the point is, we were in her room (let's call her Sandra, okay?), and then San's like, 'Wanna listen to something?' so I just randomly look in her CD rack and pull out an old Britney Spears CD. So Sandra starts dancing and I'm just there drooling right?

But then it gets better.

She starts SINGING.

And you know, Britney has this fricken amazingly orgasmic voice, and my girlfriend has it PERFECTLY. It sounded like she was moaning; I swear, I'd never been so turned on by anything or anyone in my entire life. So I pretty much jumped on her and made out with her to shut her up. And I almost had her shirt off when she asked 'What if my parents come in?'

So I freaked out and sat up straight, but I was just SOOOO horny... You couldn't imagine. And figures Sandra saw that and asked me if I wanted to go to the park. HELL YEAH. So we put on our coats and San pretended to give me a tour of the neighborhood. So we headed to the park(walking in like, three feet of snow) and reached the only kiddie thing in the entire damn acre.

Sandra gets cold to nothing, so she asked me if I could put my overcoat under us so her ASS(her oh-so pretty ass) wouldn't freeze. So we sat down and it didn't take long before I was all over her again. I pushed down her shirt and kissed my way to her pierced nipple and played around a little until she said 'My turn to be on top.' But before she said that she'd already pretty much unzipped my pants and undon my buckle...

And at one point, she said 'I've never seen your boobs!' SO I laughed and spread my arms; 'Heck, I'm all yours, do whatever you want!' So she pushed up my shirt and (black and pretty)bra, and fondled my breasts. It felt SOOOO good...

And then she stopped(once she was on top of me and had pulled my pants down). 'Are you sure you want this?' And at first I said 'I don't care.' But she asked again so I let out a big fat YES.

At first, she slipped two fingers inside me, and since I'm not used to penetration(because I mostly masturbate with my clit), it hurt. Lots. But after a while, I could barely say anything becaue I was too busy moaning. She stopped again and I moaned or groaned or something, and she laughed and went faster. I remember humping her hand and rubbing my clit and panting, my tongue sticking out just a little bit.

She said it was really sexy, the day after.

I can't say it was 'the most amazing orgasm ever!', because, honestly, I barely even felt it! But I swear, I felt so good, relived... SO DAMN TIRED, afterwards, I couldn't deny that I came harder than I EVER had before.

Sandra litteraly had to carry me into the street...!

I hope I'll be able to share that experience with her soon, and return the favor... ;)



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