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First Time

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This story will take you back to the summer of 1970-I was 14 years old and living in Germany. I had a fortunate childhood as I lived in a very large house that had a 25 meter swimming pool out front. In those days I had long blond hair with a slim build. I recall those lazy summers hanging out at the pool with my friends. That summer my parents hired a gardener and a person to maintain the pool. They were two young Turkish men about eighteen years old, who spoke little German or English. They lived in a small one-bedroom apartment not far from our house tucked away from view. That summer I also started puberty and knew absolutely nothing about sex or the changes my body started going through. In late July, my mom travelled to Thailand to meet my step-dad on a military break from Vietnam. I was excited to have no supervision except my older brother who was only interested in his new girlfriend. I could sleep in late and hang out at the pool all day. Life just could not have been better.

One hot summer afternoon the two Turkish men had finished their work and saw me lying at the pool. They came over to say hello and since nobody was at home, I asked if they wanted to join me. They laughed and reminded me they were not allowed but I quickly informed them I was alone at home for two weeks with only my older brother and nobody would find out. I was wearing a bathing suit made of terry cloth and when wet would stick to my body as if I were naked. They agreed and I watched the two young men take off their clothing until they had nothing on except their underwear. Their bodies were lean and muscular and they had short black hair. I was attracted to both of them although I didn't understand these feelings. I had never seen a man naked before and they laughed as I watched them. We jumped in the water and splashed around and I swam around them like a little fish. Neither could swim and were confined to the shallow part of the pool. One of the guys got a hold of me and pulled me close to his body. I felt the hair on his chest and his muscular grip and I brushed up against his leg and I think he must have felt my erect penis. I remember he said something to his partner and they both started laughing that left me feeling embarrassed. The guy let go of me and told me he wanted to watch me perform flips from the diving board. I was an expert swimmer and spent nearly the entire day at the pool. I was hesitant to get out of the water because my penis was still rock hard and I didn't know how to hide my erection. But before I knew it, he grabbed me again and lifted me up out of the water and sat me on the edge of the pool and ordered me to jump. I stood up and my penis was sticking straight up and out. There was no way to cover up in the swim suit I was wearing. It was so obvious and both looked at me and laughed again. I felt they were making fun of me but I didn't know what to do or say as I found this situation to be both strange and exciting.

I jumped and flipped as they had requested and we splashed around in the pool for another hour or so and finally they said it was time for them to go. I asked if I could come along since there was nobody at my home. They agreed and the three of us walked to their apartment. Once there I sat in the kitchen and as the two guys went into the bedroom to change. I was both excited and curious and wanted to see if I could see either of them naked. I peaked through the key-hole and watched them change out of their wet underwear. Since I had never seen a naked man before, I marvelled at their bodies and their penises. I felt my body trembling with excitement and my heart beating so hard and fast.

As the two men dried off and got dressed I returned to my seat in the kitchen. I was still wearing the wet terry cloth swim suit with the hardest penis. Ahmed was the first to come out of the bedroom and gave me an odd look and asked if I had peaked through the key hole? I recall feeling my face get really red hot and throat go dry. He smiled and said it was okay. Then Mehmet came out and he was laughing as knew I had peaked through the key hole. He grabbed me and wanted to spank my butt as a joke and noticed my hard on and wet trunks. I tried quickly to hide it but Mehmet noticed and said something to Ahmed. Mehmet told me to go to the bedroom and change out of my wet shorts. Ahmed began to cook something in the kitchen and didn't pay much attention to me or Mehmet. In the bedroom, Mehmet handed me a towel and a pair of shorts and told me to take off my wet bathing suit. At first I felt shy since I had never been naked in front of anyone and my penis was still hard as a rock. So reluctantly I took off my shorts, I guess my penis was about three or four inches hard and I was not circumcised. I looked at my penis and I could see the veins swollen along the shaft. Mehmet asked me if I masturbated and I didn't understand what he meant. He used the slang German word and motioned with his hand which I had heard and seen many times but I didn't really understand the meaning. He was laughing again and in a way that made me feel stupid. I asked him why he was making fun of me and asked if he would tell me what it meant. He told me to sit on the side of the bed which I did. He gently took my penis in his hand and started looking at it closely. He commented on my uncircumcised penis which again I didn't know what he was talking about. He gently tried to pull back the skin covering the head and I pulled away. It was a little painful and I don't recall my skin ever having been pulled all the way back.

He got up and went into the bathroom and came back with some lotion. Ahmed shouted at him in Turkish and Mehmet seemed to ignore him. I was still sitting on the bed naked with a very swollen penis. He had managed to pull my foreskin back somewhat exposing a half-covered head. I stared at my purple swollen penis when Mehmet returned with the lotion and once again took hold of my penis. This time he gently rubbed lotion on my penis head and again slowly tried to pull it back. After a few attempts, the skin slowly curled back and retracted exposing the full head. I sat there stunned and amazed never having seen my penis head before. It was a dark purple and red and shiny from the lotion. I touched the edge of my penis head and felt electricity shoot through my body. I must have shuddered as Mehmet smiled approvingly.

Mehmet very slowly started massaging my penis and told me to lie back on the bed which I did. The feelings and sensations I felt were unreal and totally indescribable - I had never experienced anything remotely like this before. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest it was pounding so hard. Ahmed reappeared from the kitchen and came into the room and stood there and watched as he said something to Mehmet in a soft voice-I hoped Mehmet wouldn't stop. Mehmet then poured more lotion on my penis and balls and used one hand to massage my head and the other hand was massaging my balls and anus. My balls had now retracted deep inside my body and there was really nothing left of them except the rough, thick skin. Mehmet was playing with my ball sac and my anus trying to insert a finger which I found objectionable and uncomfortable. I was lying on my back and he motioned me to spread my legs farther apart and to pull them up closer to my stomach. This allowed him easier access to my anus and continued to massage the entire groin area. The feeling and sensations were becoming more intense - I became delirious with pleasure and unknown sensations - I started moaning softly and Ahmed said something again. Mehmet was now using both hands and applying more pressure as he massaged my anus, balls, and penis - that's when it happened - the onset of my first orgasm - I remember it as vividly as if it had happened yesterday. I was breathing harder as Mehmet's hands were moving faster and stronger all over my lower body. Ahmed moved closer and I noticed both guys were now intensely watching me. I closed my eyes and my body began to explode as I called out to Mehmet, I clenched my eyes shut and gritted my teeth as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my body. Mehmet did not let up and continued his relentless massaging - I looked at him and his facial expression had changed, he was now totally into the moment as Ahmed stepped closer and was now also sitting on the bed watching closely. I closed my eyes again and let him take control. The intense orgasm I felt relaxed my anus muscles. Mehmet was now inserting two and three fingers with a fast and strong motion and the penetration began to feel pleasurable. He was now more focused on my anus than my penis and the pleasure and sensations were coming from all directions. Orgasm number two was starting to build and my breathing started speeding up and I must have mumbled that it was coming again. Mehmet's fingers were now moving in and out and in circular motions in my anus at an incredible speed and force. I watched both of their faces and their intense concentration as I exploded again! This time my body involuntarily jumped with spasms as I was consumed with pleasure. Ahmed reached over and placed his hand on my chest to steady my body from the spasms.

I was exhausted, confused, and my legs were cramping. I think Mehmet would have continued on but I reached over and stopped his hand. I told him I needed to stand up that my legs were hurting and stiff. I remember trying to stand up and nearly fell down. My legs were so weak they just buckeled under from the after shocks of the two explosive orgasms. Mehmet grabbed me and helped me stand up. His facial expression was back to normal and he was again laughing. I must have had the biggest smile on my face as he helped me to the bathroom. I turned on the cold water faucet and splashed water on my stomach and penis. The cold water on my exposed penis head made me shake and shutter. It was still very sensitive. Mehmet reached over and slowly and gently pulled my fore-skin back into its rightful place. Once cleaned up we returned to the kitchen and ate what Ahmed had cooked earlier.



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