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First Time

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I was thirteen years old when I had my first health class. At that age I knew what sex was but knew little about actual details. One day in class our teacher was talking about erections and ejaculations I knew about erections due to the fact that I had one at the time but ejaculation was new to me. The idea of something besides pee shooting out of my penis along with some great feeling called an orgasm interested me greatly. But at the time it seemed the only way to obtain one of these was to have sex with a woman and this did not seem likely to happen soon enough.

But later in class the teacher mentioned yet another word I as unfamiliar with, masturbation, the act of touching ones own genitals to orgasm. She briefly explained that boys and girls both do it and that boys can put their penis in their closed fist and pump up and down. After I heard this I could not wait to try it. I think I had an erection for most of the rest of that day my mind was focused only on that moment when I would have an orgasm.

After what seemed like days the final bell rang. I rode the bus home with yet another throbbing erection. I was overjoyed to find out that no one was home from work I got inside and made straight for the bathroom. I took off my shirt and pants but left on my boxers that were no sticking out like a tent. As I pulled them down my 5.5-inch penis flopped up and down its dark red almost purple head swaying in the air. I laid a towel down next to the tub and sat down. But then I got a better idea and I filled the tub with warm water. As it was filling I tried out the stroke I wrapped my hand around my penis and pumped up and down it was easy enough. When the tub was full I got in the top half of my shaft was above the water and my now very loose and sagging balls were brushing lightly on the tub bottom and so I started stroking rhythmically up and down for the next few minutes I only felt extremely horny.

I remember myself thinking that even if I did not have an orgasm I would still do this just to be that horny again. But then my penis started to feel different a warmness started to spread through me my pelvic muscles flexed a few times on their own and I began to feel a rising tingling that seemed to be coming from my penis shaft and head then BOOM it happened throbbing waves came over me I felt the thick semen leaving the hole in my penis head in spurts but I kept stroking and still throbs came for a few more seconds then it was over I was amazed I looked down to see a puffy and red shaft and a rubbed red head it didn't hurt but felt heavy and thick. My pubes were covered in a white thick substance I grabbed some and played with it was stringy and sticky it smelled like a swimming pool but in a good way. This was the first of many orgasms to come and the first of four that day. I love jerking off.



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