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First Time

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I remember when I first discovered that rubbing my penis felt good. I think I was around 11 or 12 years old. We lived near a sort of lovers lane in the woods. I found a deck of playing cards there with pictures of naked women on them. While looking at them I got hard. So I unzipped my pants and took out my hard penis and thought this is what the other kids are talking about. I had my fist boner. I hid the cards in the woods and would look at them from time to time. Then one day I started rubbing my penis back and fourth between my thumb and first finger. I am circumcised but there is enough skin that I can run it back and fourth over the tip even when hard. I remember the warm fuzzy feeling when I climaxed. However at that time nothing would come out. Not very long after we moved away to the city and I didn't dare take the cards with me in my packed things for fear of getting caught with them. I would still think about them, get hard and stroke and get the 'good feeling'.
About a year later while I was playing with some friends in a neighbors garage we found a bunch of porno magazines in a box. We were all playing a board game and my friends sister found them in the loft. There were some pretty hard core ones in there and we saw pictures of what I thought was spit on the ladies tits. My friends sister asked us if were were hard from looking at them and before I could say anything my friend told her to shut up and the typical brother sister fight started. It ended with 'put them back and don't say a word to anyone.' Later that day my friend and I went back to the garage loft. It had stopped raining and everyone else was off playing outside. We were looking at the mags a while and I asked him if he was getting hard. Of course like me he was and I asked if he ever touched it? He said he had a couple of times but it was no big deal. Then I told him how if you did long enough you got the 'good feeling'. So it was that day that I jerked off with a friend in the same room. We didn't really talk about it much we just sat there pants pulled down just enough to have our penises (we called them dinks) out stroking looking at porn. We started going to the loft together and alone a few times a week. It was a great spring. Summer came and my friend went away to camp and I started playing with his sister more. We would ride bikes and play board games in the garage when it rained. When ever I could I would sneak into the garage loft and stroke. One day while riding bikes with my friend's sister (I'll call her 'D') she asked me if when I looked at those books did I come?
At first I was going to deny going in the garage alone, but something told me this might not be a bad thing. So I said what do you mean you want to go with me to look at the books? She said no silly do you shoot goo out of your thing when you look at the pics? Of coarse I hadn't so I said no and she said well maybe your not doing it right, didn't you see the pics of the goo on those women? It was then that it connected that in all those pics there were cocks in them. I then asked her if she knew how to do it right? She told me her another girl told her that you have to spit on your hand and wrap your hand around it and and pump it up and down real hard. I told her about the good feeling and she said she got it too when she rubbed on the banister to the stairs to the loft. I was shocked. Do you look at the books and rub too? She said she had once or twice and felt good. We then met with some other kids and started to play some game with a ball or something else and the rubbing conversation was dropped.
The next time I stroked I spit on my hand and tried it that way. It did feel nice to have it wet, but the finger tip method I had grown used to just felt better.
Another rainy day found 'D' and I in the garage playing Lego's. We got bored with that and I asked if she wanted to go look at the books. She said ok and up the stairs we went. This having become a bit of a ritual for me I started undoing my belt them stopped. We sat down next to each other and started looking at the same book. It had pics of people doing it. D told me if I wanted to stroke I could and at first I said no but the urge to have the good feeling came and I said if she showed me her boobs I might want to. She said ok but just boobs nothing else. She took off her shirt and I was in awe. My first titties and her nipples were all puffy. I wanted so bad to touch them but didn't ask. I undid my pants and pulled them down my hard penis sprang out like a spring. I sat down next to her and she put her shirt back on saying it was easy to pull up my pants but no as easy to put a shirt back on. This was ok with me because now I was sitting close to a girl with my dink hard and she was going to watch me touch it. She held the mag and turned the pages while I wet my hand and pumped away. I noticed that she was looking at me more than the mag. This made it more fun, but my penis was getting sore from the hard rubbing I was giving it. So I started using just my fingers again. D said that that was a little bit like she rubbed when she did. Then the fuzzy warm feeling started to come over me and I started going faster and faster till I climaxed but still nothing came out but it felt so good. D said maybe it only happens when your older and I said maybe it only happens if it's in a girls coochie. It was then that I learned that is how a girl gets pregnant. She explained that if the goo gets in there it makes her egg grow into a baby. I then asked if I could see her touch herself or rub and was a no, but maybe I could see it sometime.
Mark came back from camp the next day and I didn't play with D that much after that, but it didn't stop me from thinking about her touching her coochie and during most of my stroking I thought about it. Mark and I stroked together a few time after that but finally we just took a mag or two and did it alone. One day about a year later, I think I was fourteen I noticed I was starting to grow hair around my penis. Not long after that I started to shoot goo as D had put it. I was alone the first time it happened and it shot out like crazy and felt fantastic!! I also learned the Kleenex is a boys best friend. I couldn't wait to tell D and I did. What amazed me is she wanted to see me do it. I said ok but if I show you mine I want to see yours. She agreed but the question was where. I was always with her brother and she was not going to let him see that would be gross!
The opportunity came when D's mom took her brother shopping both D and I were invited however we both had something different in mind. As soon as we were alone we went up to the loft. I was already hard with anticipation. D is a year older than me and her breasts had developed nicely. They had really become a point of interest to me. She went to the box of magazines and I told her I didn't think we would need them and started undoing my pants. She hesitated and I said well aren't you going to show me something? She reached in behind her shirt and undid her bra and took it off without removing her t-shirt and pulled it out from under her the t. I was amazed again. Then she lifted her t showing me her perfect breasts and fantastic pink nipples. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. My white briefs looked like a circus tent and there was a wet spot at the top of the tent from my precum. She noticed it and asked if I leaked often. I said only when I get hard like this. I then pulled out my hard cock and sat down I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to cum. She then said well aren't you going to touch it. I said as soon as I see your coochie. I think she was having second thoughts, but she turned and undid her shorts and let them fall. She had on a pair of tight white cotton panties when she turned to face me I could see her dark hair around her coochie. This made me really hard and I took my cock in my hand and slowly stroked. I couldn't help my self and stroked a little faster. I think it only took 10 of so strokes and I shot of big streams of cum all over the floor, not having time to catch it in a Kleenex. I had taken to keeping some in my back pocket. It felt better than ever! She was staring at me smiling as I came and said is that it? I was still hard and at that age could go 3-4 times in a row easy. I said no if you pull down your panties and show me how you touch I can do it again. She pulled down her panties and sat down on one of the chairs we had brought up there. As soon as she spread her legs I was hard again. The sight of her pretty pussy had precum at my tip again as she started to rub herself I started to stroke. I didn't really know them how a woman gets wet when excited however I did notice her fingers were wet and asked if she had peed she said no silly that's what happens when I get excited. It didn't take long for me to cum a second time. This time I shot into my hand. D said she wanted to touch it. She did and told me it was like her wetness. But right away wiped it off her finger. I asked her if she was going to rub some more and she said if you will I want to. I sat there stroking my soft cock till it got hard again while watching her. She came before me,rubbing her finger up and down her slit never really inserting her finger. When she came her head was back legs out straight toes pointed her upper body flushed with color almost shaking. She let out these little moans like I did when I came alone. I came again this time into a Kleenex. She wiped herself off on her panties and told me she had to go clean them before her mom got home. She also told me never to tell a soul about we had done and I never have until now. I asked her a few times after if she wanted to do it again and she said maybe, but we never did masturbate together again. I never did it with her brother again either. We just grew up and went our own ways. My only wish is that I had married a woman that enjoys cumming as much as I do. She was very sexually active when we were first married. However now it seems once a month is good for her. I have a feeling that I am oversexed as I masturbate a few times a week and can still cum 2-3 times in a row playing in a chat room with the right person late at night when wifey is fast a sleep Thanks for this great site! Some of these experience stories make me cum hard.



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