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First Time

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My family always spends the summer in New Hampshire, and every year I see my friend Andy there. He is my age, fifteen now, and has a well developed, athletic body. I do not consider myself a homosexual, however I have had several sexual experiences with Andy. This is the most recent one.

Many days this summer we went out on the lake fishing, relaxing and talking together. Today we were talking about the usual, sports and girls. I hadn't masturbated in two weeks, so I was rather horny. We began talking about this girl that we always see at the pond, and it only intensified my sexual feelings. Soon I could no longer contain myself.

'Sh*t man I've gotta beat off,' I blurted.

Andy smiled and said, 'Me too but lets go back to my house first.' This was nothing new as Andy and I have done this multiple times in the past. The walk back I was burning. I followed behind him, his muscular back moving with every shift of his beautiful body.

We went into the empty house and he lay on the sofa, looking at me. I stood for a second and admired his body. His soft, dirty blonde close-cropped hair. His warm and welcoming brown eyes. His smooth chest and the thin trail of soft hair from his belly button toward his crotch. He had one arm behind his head, showing his beautiful, full brown armpit hair. I laid down on him and slowly caressed his chest. My heart was pounding as I looked at him, and I bent forward to kiss him. This was more than we had done before, and I felt so satisfied and warm. I met his wet lips with mine for the first time. It was a beautiful kiss. I pulled away, and then returned, this time sneaking my tongue between his lips to feel the inside of his mouth.

I hugged him tightly and he whispered in my ear 'Yeah, Eliot'. I moved down and kissed his right nipple. I felt the soft trail of hair from his belly button and reached down his swim shorts. Simultaneously he reached his hand down mine, and just as I felt his hand wrap around my penis, I felt his, so warm in my hand. I kissed his stomach and began to move my hand slowly up and down, pulling the skin on his six inch penis up and over the tip. He moaned a small, cute moan, and I pulled his pants off. He pulled off mine, and we were now sitting, side by side. He had a tuft of brown pubic hair above his penis. We kissed passionately as we pumped each others penises, and we breathed more deeply and more quickly with each passing moment.

He felt up and down my chest as I came closer and closer to orgasm. A moment later we both suddenly accelarated our motions, as every emotion was heightening, and an enormous chill went through my body. We both began to quiver and shake, and ropes of white semen covered us. We sat for a second, and then began cleaning each other with our tongues. I kissed him again, with the sweet taste of our semen mixing in our mouths.



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