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First Time

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Me and my girlfreind were watching movies at her house(this was a few years ago) and while watching the movie I put my hand on the outside of her pants by her pussy, and I started to rub, her through her pants, then after a few moments of that I unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her zipper, then I started to rub her through her panties, then after a few moments of that she was wet, it was so warm and nice, then I gently put my hand down the inside of her panties, and I started right in on her pussy, her breathing increased, which is a turn on for me, I am so hard right now and she can feel it, so she grabs my dick from outside my pants and starts to rub it. I continued to finger my girlfriend and each time I would go into her wet vagina she would arch her back higher and higher, and then i'd stop so she'd go back down and then do it again. I stopped compleatly, then told her that she'd have to wait till later tonight. so the movie got done and she automatically went downstairs to her room and gave me a come over here motion with her hand. then in her room, she laid down on the bed, and I started right in on fingering her, I was rubbing her clit and she was breathing very heavily, and then I fingered her as fast as my hand could go and her whole body got tight and stiff and she let out little moans and wispered i'm done in my ear.

then she rooled me over on my back and said its your turn. I was amazed she grabbed my balls and my dick and was rubbing them it felt so good. then she started rubbing me I kept saying faster, faster, and she did I came and I let out a load and I have never orgasimed like that before.

then I went at her again I used two hands one rubbing her clit and the other going deep into her vagina, as far as possible , then she grabbed my dick again and started on me. we were breathing heavily the same, and I went really deep and she said ohh my god and she came and then I was so aroused I came again.

we laid there for almost 1 min then I had to go home, but it was my first time and it was great.



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