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First Time

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This is the first time I saw a woman naked, felt a breast and vagina, masturbated with someone else and had sex.


It was the summer of 1986 and I was horny all the time. I worked at a community pool and all the girls my age and older were all wearing bikinis. I must have jerked off three times a day for about five weeks.

One day a girl friend of mine I knew since we were two told me her parents were going away and why didn't I come over for a dinner. It was just her and her sister who was 20. I told her okay and when she left I just watched her ass move and got hard. My friend Lori is very pretty and has had a few boyfriends. I always had dreams about her and usually masturbated to her image in my brain.

I told my parents I was staying at a friends house and when I arrived at her parents house she and her sister were screaming at each other and her sister stormed out of the house. Lori's sister looked at me and said good luck with her. When I went inside Lori was crying and ran into my arms. When I asked what was wrong she told me her sister and her had a fight about clothes. I told her don't worry about it and held her for a few minutes.

When she calmed down enough Lori kissed me on the cheek and told me I was a good friend. We had dinner and while watching tv later she asked my why I never tried to hit on her. I didn't know what to say and just told her I liked her too much to be a jerk. Lori told me I should try. I looked at her and said I love you. I got red in the face and put my head in my hands. Lori laughed and told me she loved me to. I looked at her and she told me she has had a crush on me for the last three years. I laughed and then told her I had dreams about her. Lori asked me any erotic and I said all.

I moved closer to her and we started to kiss. Then my hands roamed and I grabbed her butt. She laughed and asked if I wanted to go to her room. We were in her room when Lori started to remove her clothes. First her pants and then her shirt. Lori turned around and showed me her back and butt. Then I took off my pants and shirt. Lori asked me to take off my boxers and she would then take off her bra and panties. I took off my boxers and Lori just looked at my penis. I am about six inches and she just stared at it. After a minute she unhooked her bra and took off her panties. She had 34B breasts (she told me later) and she had pubic hair. I told her wow my first naked woman. Lori laughed and told me I was her first naked guy.

We went over to her bed and I felt her breasts and nipples. She told me it felt good and to kiss her nipple. When I did she jumped and told me it felt good. I sucked on one and then the other for a few minutes. When I looked at her vagina I noticed she was wet and asked her. Lori explained she was turned on and was getting moist. I asked to touch it and she cried please do. When I placed my finger in her vagina she was very slick. I put my finger in her opening and she jumped again. Lori explained to go up and down and find her opening but do it gently. Soon I was in a rythym and she was enjoying it. My arm was getting tired so she told me to sit back and watch her. She them rubbed her vagina and clit and in a few minutes had an orgasm.

After Lori cooled off she noticed I was very hard. She touched my penis and told me it was very hard. Then she touched my ball sack and asked me if all guys were this way. I told her some were bigger and some smaller. Soon she was stroking my penis and when her hand got tired I took over. She loved how my balls were jumping or dancing as she said. Soon I was close to cumming and she told me to cum on my chest so she can look at it. I shot my cum on my chest and when I was done she looked at it. She smelled it and then picked some up and tasted it. She didn't like the taste but heard other girls talk about it.

After we cleaned ourselves up we went under her covers and started to watch tv. When I woke up I noticed I was spooning her and I was hard and my penis was snuggled against her butt. Lori was awake and told me not to move and she liked me in this position. I reached around her and cupped her breast and pinched her nipple. She laughed and told me she likes this position even better.

After a few minutes she asked if I really did have erotic dreams about her. I told her every time I masturbate I think about her. I continued by saying I was in love with her and seeing her naked was amazing. I kissed her and told her I loved her.

We later showered together and we dated until college.



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