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First Time

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hi, i frequently visit this site but this is my first story. I am going to write a story about the first sexual experience between me and my girlfriend. But first a little background.
I have been with a girl, lets call her Ashley, for the last 2 years. We are both 18 now and obviously hooked up when we were 16. However, we have extremely different personalities - i am quite the wildman who is always out partying where as Ashley is quite a bit more reserved. We don't have the same interests really - i like sports and action/horror movies and she likes to read and watch soppy movies...(u get the idea). Anyways 2 years ago i was roped into attending the birthday party of a relation of mine who lives in the area...lets just say i wouldnt usually hang out with these kinda people (makin me sound really big headed). I turned up and was planning on drinking enough to make the party entertaining. I walked in and it was obvious that the people there were not expecting someone like me to show up. The party had been going for a couple of hours and i'd noticed this slightly plump girl but with a pretty face, stylishly cut dark hair and it has to be said... a nice set of tits. I thought i'd go over and lay some of my charm on her and by the end of the night i had Ashley in my arms as we slow danced even through songs that aren't slow dances. We finishd with a passionate kiss. This girl who i vaguely recognised from school and who i'd never talked to before had blown me away.

Things with me and Ashley were perfect as we attended the 18th birthday party of 1 of my best friends. Over the last two years we (Ashley and myself) had grown comfortable with socialising with each others social groups and we were accepted in both. Yet again me and Ashley shared another perfect night - tucked up in a corner holding each other like there was no one else in the world.
The party ended at around midnight and i was going to drive Ashley home. About half way through the journey back to Ashleys as we were going down a quiet country road Ashley gave me the usual instruction 'pull over' This happens everytime we drive through somewhere quiet in the dark. I found a lane which led into some woodlands. As usual as soon as i'd stopped the car and everything Ashley leaned over and we kissed each other like we'd never kissed each other before. Then something different happened. Ashley moved her hand over to my crotch and started rubbing my quickly hardening penis through my jeans. I had to ask 'Ashley...are you sure?' We'd never got in the slightest bit sexual before. 'yes' she said staring into my eyes. 'ive been wanting to do this for a long time' (i knew we werent going to have sex because Ashley is a sex once married person) We continued to make out and slowly Ashley undid my zip and put her hand inside. I however decided to make it all a bit easier i'd just remove my trousers and underwear compleltely. So there i was with my penis standing rock hard causing Ashley to mumble 'wow'. We went back to kissing while Ashleys hand ran itself all around my cock. Already i felt fantastic. After a few minutes of playing with my penis Ashley gripped it with her hand and started to take hard and deliberate strokes making my 6.5inch erection pulsate like never before. I murmured to Ashley 'im almost there' at whcih point Ashley suddenly broke away from our kiss and instead started to suck my dick. She sure made a good job at her first blowjob and i fi'led her mouth with my juice. She then moved back up and much to my surprise kissed me...she still had my cum in her mouth so we ended up swallowing about half each.
'Woud you like me to repay the favour?'
'Yes please'
I then took Ashley outside the car and asked her to get naked. She initially hesitated but then took her clothes off revealing her beautiful tits with large nipples and her shaven pussy. 'God your beautiful Ashley' I went over to her and kissed her allowing my hard cock (i recover quickly) to rub against her pussy. Then i lifted her up and sat her on the front of the car. We kissed again and i moved my way down to her tits and sucked on them making Ashley moan with pleasure. I grabbed her legs and spread them. I then buried my face in her pussy and ate her pussy so hard and fast it was untrue. My tongue worked her like crazy. Within minutes she was screaming with pleasure as her cum flowed out of her pussy and into my eager mouth. Naturally we cum swapped again.
Now me and Ashley attempt to have oral sex at least once a day and shes also said (and i really cannot believe this) that shes prepared to have anal sex but still gotta wait til marriage for usual sex.
thanks - love your site



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