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First Time

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I was reading all these stories and felt I wanted to share my own. I am 19 and female. I grew up in a small town and never had much luck with guys, (I'm too picky). When I was 17 I had a boyfriend who was 26, we didn't do much, kissed and I got felt up over my bra. Wasn't very exciting looking back on it.
It wasn't until a 18 months later that I was at a weekend party with a bunch of friends to celebrate our graduation that I lost my virginity. I really only went to get drunk and forget my guy problems or lack of guy problems. It wasn't that I'm not pretty, or nice, just all the guys I knew where jerks and I didn't want to get messed up with them.
There I met the love of my life and I knew it when he walked in the room. We didn't really know each other until that night and it seemed like we talked for hours. (Ok. Ok;) So yes that was the first time we met and things went really fast. We were at a condo and all the rooms were taking. We just snuck outside onto the lanai and started kissing.
When things got a little more exciting we stole a blanket and cuddled together under the moon light. His strong hands were so soft and I let them wonder my body for hours. I was a little to nervous to do anything myself and he didn't seem to mind much which made me feel better. While we kissed he gently started to unbutton my jeans, I stopped him and took off my top first. Then we kinda played a game switching back and forth taking off one article of clothing at a time in between bouts of heavy breathing and exchanges of saliva. He tasted so sweet that I couldn't really control myself. Not even when we heard people passing by did we stop. Half naked and sweating in the topical summer heat we continued to play. I knew I couldn't control myself but that I had to, I decided to keep going until it went to far. I had no idea at the time how far away 'to far' was.
He reached under my bra and I arched my back slightly to let him take it of. It was the first time a man saw my bare breast and I was incredibly excited. He was sitting on top of me and I was lying down on my back. My wet panties where the only thing covering my body, besides him. He brushed his fingers over my nipples and I shivered with excitement. I arched my back and pressed my crotch hard against his, (the first time I had felt an erect penis). He sucked my nipples and kissed me all over. All the while our hands were interlocked so tightly and he asked if I was ok if he went a little further. I said yes and he sat up and began to take off my panties. He came back up and kissed me so hard that I got a little scared. He reached down and pulled the blanket over us and while he was adjusting the covers he slipped his finger slightly in me. This sent a wave of energy up my body and I began to moan. He began to go a little farther rubbing me inside and out. He worked his way down and began to kiss my inner thighs and then he went down on me. Latter I found out that was the first time he had ever done that before.
By then I really wanted him in me, badly, but I was more afraid of getting pregnant than anything else, so when he started to take off his shorts I stopped him. He went back down on me and with one hand he slowly kneaded my breast and the other was in me playing with my wet inner flesh. My hands were clawing at his body and grasping at his hair. I had had orgasms before but never by someone else. As he continued to lick and suck at me I moaned and screamed. He asked me if I was cumming and I said yes keep going and he did until I went. Neither of us noticed the small audience listening through the window above where we were lying, neither of us cared. After, we lied there talking about sex and some of his experiences, I put on some of my clothes, and feeling a little more comfortable I began to touch his chest and stomach. My hand became more adventurous and he began to give me tips on how to jack him off.
He knew that I was a virgin and wasn't sure how far I would go, so he never pushed anything. But lying there excited by his excitement and pleasure I knew I was ready. I kissed his face and his ear and whispered that I was ready. He stopped me and asked if I was sure. I kissed him and said yes. He left and came back with condoms, we crawled under the blanket and we began. I was afraid of it hurting like my friends told me, but it felt so good so right. His sweat began to pour down my body and I was in complete ecstasy. I orgasmed twice and was about to go again until he came and nearly passed out with exhaustion. The sky was growing brighter and we fell asleep in each other's arms.
Just thinking of that night makes me go crazy and being 2000 miles away from the man I love is painful. Thank you for listing to my story.



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