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First Time

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My first contribution so please bear with me. Ok, so this is a male female thing, but we're on the phone and he's guiding me through the process.


Ok, so here I am at the ripe old age of 20 and I have not once masturbated by myself up until recently. This guy I have been talking to online was just teasing me when he mentioned something about phone sex. I just laughed it off because I knew he was just teasing at the time. Well he then asked me if I had ever touched myself to make myself cum and I had told him no. He basically went into utter shock at this fact. So he asked me if I would want to give it a try with him guiding me through it on the phone. I told him I'd give it a go, so I went and got ready and waited for his call.

So when he called he sensed that I was a bit nervous so he just talked to me to help calm my nerves. Then we got started with the process. He told me to get naked and start rubbing myself all over. I told him that it felt good, so then he told me to start rubbing my pussy area, but not to go in just yet. A couple of minutes later I was starting to get REALLY horny, plus the way he was guiding me through it also turned me on.

He sensed that I was getting horny because my breathing had slowed down and I had started to moan just a little bit. So my friend told me to take a couple of fingers and insert them into my pussy until I found my clit. He then said to start rubbing it, which felt really good considering this was my first time. By this time I was really starting to moan good and loud, so the moment came when he told me to insert my fingers deep into my pussy, and I did so and let out a loud moan of pleasure.

I could tell he was getting horny as well because when I started to moan more and more he started to moan himself. I kept moving my fingers around in my pussy and it started feeling really good and I started to think why I hadn't done this before, but I was really starting to enjoy the sensation that was building up inside me.

We kept going with the fingering thing for a while until I felt this huge surge of heat flow over my body. My friend heard my huge moan and asked if I could cum for him. I moaned out 'Yes', and the orgasm began. I was cumming for him and he started cumming for me. We both started to breathe real heavy and the moaning got extremely loud on both ends of the phone line. I had come for the very first time and enjoyed it!!! Now that I've got a bit more experienced with this I've experimented with pens and the handle of my hair brush, and so far I've enjoyed all of it. I have even cum in the shower and bath tub a couple times since that first phone call.

I thank my friend for showing me the light into the world of fingering my pussy, cumming, and all the other stuff that goes with it. I enjoy it more every time I do it and I'm learning more each time I cum. We've had more sessions over the phone since then as well. Amazing where a little joke can lead isn't it.



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