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First Time

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To start off, I'm a 15 year old girl, about 5'4', with blonde hair and pretty big boobs. A lot of people I know say I look just like the Olsen twins. I have an older step-sister(Ani,17) and a slightly older step-brother(Marco,16) who are of Latino decent.

Anyway, onto the story. About two years ago, Ani had her 15th birthday party, and a lot of her friends were over. Everyone was in the pool, including myself, when I saw Joe, the person I have had a crush on for years, on the diving board. He looked sexy standing there, then suddenly a strange sensation ran through my body, but was concentrated at my pussy. It was so interesting that I had to get out and investigate.

So I got out of the pool and went inside to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and pulled down the bottom half of my suit to reveal my pussy. I put my hand to my pussy to explore. Suddenly, Ani walked into the bathroom. I quickly tried to cover up my exposed pussy. Ani quickly covered her eyes. She was about to leave when she asked me if I was masturbating. I had no clue what masturbating was and I told her so. A little shocked, she told me to come to her room after our parents left for their date that night. She left, and I got up and went back to the pool, not knowing what to expect tonight.

After my parents left that night, I went over to my sister's room. I knocked, then went in. She told me to stand in the middle of her room, next to her bed. She locked the door, then started to look me over. The next thing she said shocked me. She told me to undress. I was a little unsure, but I trusted my step-sister, so I undressed. While I did that, Ani undressed too. For the second time that day I felt aroused. I just couldn't keep my eyes off her big tits and her shaved pussy.

She told me to lie down on the bed, which I did. She then got out four ropes and walked over to the bed. She straddled my body and tied my hands to the posts of her bed. Her pussy was so close to my face so that I could smell her, which got me more aroused. She then turned around and leaned over to tie my feet. To see her bare ass sent shivers through my body. She got off and asked me to try to get loose; I couldn't. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a long, pink, thing (I didn't know it was called a dildo). She said she was going to show me how to masturbate and to go with the flow. She then started to drag the dildo around my pussy. It felt so good that I couldn't help but moan out loud. Ani giggled and asked me if I liked it. All I could do was nod. She then started to go faster over my clit and pussy. I was moaning more loudly. She then suprised me and plunged the dildo into my pussy. I gave out a gasp and Ani giggled. She slowly started pumping the dildo in and out of my pussy. I was gasping and moaning like crazy. Suddenly, an intense feeling came over me and I started to scream. It was over soon, but it seemed like it lasted forever.

After it was over I lay there panting. Ani was looking over me in between my breasts. She stood up and took the dildo out of my pussy. It was wet with my juices and was dripping. She moved the dildo slowly over my body towards my face, making sure she dripped a few drops on my body and tits. She stuck the dildo into my mouth. It tasted nasty and so good at the same time. I wanted to suck it all day, but Ani pulled it out.

She straddled my body again and untied my feet. I stared at her ass because it was so beautiful. She told me to raise my legs straight up. She then started to tickle my pussy with her right hand, and soon stuck in one, two, then three fingers. I was moaning and practically screaming by this time. She leaned as close as she could and whispered, 'This is what they call fucking'. At that I came to a climax and screamed. My cum shot straight into the air around Ani's fingers. I sat there panting again. She took her fingers out of my pussy and sucked on them. She said she hadn't seen anything like that before.

After a moment she said 'Now it's your turn to fuck me'. I got up and she laid in my spot. I was about to tie her up when she told me not to. She said 'Finger my pussy'. I started to insert as many fingers into my wet step-sister's pussy, up to three. She moaned and groaned louder. I continued to thrust my fingers faster and faster. She started to breath harder. Moments later she came and cummed over my fingers. I licked them then let Ani lick them. She turned to me and said 'That was some good fucking, Sue'. We continued to masturbate each other until our parents came home at two or three o'clock. Ani gave me one of her dildos to take back to my room. Now I masturbate every night and Ani and I do our thing at least once a week.



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